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We have a leaded glass suncatcher hanging in the breakfast area window, mainly to let birds know there is a pane of glass they don’t want to hit. This morning I pulled down the blinds to keep out the bright sunlight, and the whole image changed.

I couldn’t get the colours to show up with the camera as strongly as they looked in reality, but you get the idea. This is the same picture with the blinds drawn in front of the suncatcher.

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32 thoughts on “Suncatcher

  1. What a great suncatcher, Anneli!

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  2. It is so beautiful. I have always loved it.

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  3. The “shadow” effect is lovely.

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  4. What a wonderful silhouette. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. What a lovely suncatcher Anneli ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Hi Anneli,
    You might want to have a look at the boat pics at the bottom of my “Marinated Tomato” post, I think this might be what you had in mind with the colors?
    Cheers !

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  8. This was a great piece of art. Thanks for sharing this. Cheers!!

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  9. It looks like a painting on your wall with the blinds closed. Really cool.

    I have trouble getting certain colors to come out in my photos, too. I have these gorgeous purple geraniums in my flower bed, but the color is faded in photos. It’s maddening. I’ve tried all different settings and can’t get it right. This happens with other colors as well, generally with any vibrant color.

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    • I’m not sure, but I’ve heard that you need special filters to make the reds come out (like in a sunset). I don’t know enough about it to say for sure. I only know that just plain snapping the picture loses the red in my otherwise fantastic sunsets, and they end up not so spectacular.

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  10. You’re a quilter, right? The image on the blinds could be translated into a textural wall-hanging…this is stunning!

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  11. Eden Lake as a sun-catcher, much better than the chalk you used to draw onto your windows, to prevent bird flight into the large glass.

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    • Yes, I’d forgotten about that. It was soap at first, and when the rain washed it off, I resorted to candle wax which worked better but it looked ugly. We’ve removed the glass panels on the railing and have gone back to spindles. But for the windows, yes, it is still a problem in those windows that don’t have suncatchers. I hate killing innocent birds.


  12. That’s very attractive and I love the second photo!

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  13. I just love this suncatcher, in the bright sun- and in the shade!

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    • I had a look at it again this morning with the shade down, but I slept a bit longer and missed the complete sunlit picture. It’s only lit up two-thirds of the way up. (The sun was already too high.)


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