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I Can’t Bear it


If only that fisherman would catch a fish, I could help him lose it – maybe steal it away from him.

I can smell the fish jumping.

But he’s not a great fisherman or he’d have one by now.

Oh, I give up. I might as well go catch my own someplace where I can have peace and quiet.

Just thought I’d show my face though – “fly the flag” a bit – so he wouldn’t think about coming ashore to fish. They do that sometimes.

Gotta claim my territory.

I couldn’t bear it if he took my fish right from under my nose.


*Pics taken by the Captain with his little Fuji and shaky wet hands.

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27 thoughts on “I Can’t Bear it

  1. Great photos! I don’t know, it looks pretty peaceful already. Derek and I have been watching a series on the Discovery Channel called Serengeti. Your bear here wouldn’t like the watering holes there…thousands of animals are congregated trying to get some water. The photography is incredible.

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  2. We saw some brown and black bears up in Denali NP. Not fishing, though, but either just ambling along or browsing berries.

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  3. Love the bear!!! My accountant is fishing in Alaska right now and caught a 60 pound halibut so he’s very excited.

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  4. Hope he had his bear bells!

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  5. Great pictures and dialogue! πŸ™‚

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  6. Captain Gary did a great job, despite shaky wet hands.

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    • I was surprised that the pictures came out even as well as they did because it’s a fairly old and basic camera and he’s not interested in the picture taking – just the fishing. But I nagged him a lot to get a picture of the bear next time he saw him, and he did.

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  7. Not really. About 200 kms from here. Just as well it wasn’t nearby because we have had them here several times over the years. I prefer them to stay way up in the wilds.


  8. That seems like a mighty big bear! My hands would be so shaky the camera would fall in the water. Are they aggressive, or just fishing for ….fish? Fun POV. xo

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  9. No, they are not generally aggressive, but you would be a fool to trust them not to be in a bad mood at any particular time. Usually they wander off pretty quickly when they see a person.


  10. Greate pics! The Captain did a very good job.

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  11. Delightful! I’d love to be there watching the bear.

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  12. Good looking bear and beautiful surroundings!

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