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Help Yourself


This spring, a friend gave me some started sunflowers to plant in my garden. I had never had success with them, mainly because the wind often knocked them down as soon as they got more than a couple of feet tall.  This time I planted them by the fence and tied the young plants to it as they grew.

Now they are taller than I am and besides making me happy whenever I look at them, they are making the birds in my yard happy.

I had been feeling guilty about not refilling the feeder this summer, but I hadn’t wanted to attract hawks (as I’ve done other years) and inadvertently killing the very birds I wanted to feed. I decided I could always fill the feeders when the weather got cooler and food became scarce.

But the nuthatches had other ideas. They’re used to helping themselves and somehow they knew that the sunflower seeds were ready to eat.

I had a very hard time getting any pictures of them because they are so fast, but here are a couple of photos that are not as blurry as the 40+ others that I deleted.

You may have to search for the little guys. They blend right in with the greens and grays of the garden.

It gives me a headache just looking at them hanging onto the stems upside down. When was the last time you sat upside down to eat?

I guess the Captain will have to do without his toasted, salted sunflower seeds, unless he buys them in the store.

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24 thoughts on “Help Yourself

  1. Beautiful Flowers, naughty birds 🙂

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  2. I found one! They are hard to see.

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  3. Aw…I’m sure the Captain is happy to share. 🙂 I love nuthatches!

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  4. Those nuthatches are so sweet. I love it when they start to appear. Makes me feel like fall is just around the corner!

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  5. The nuthatches know a good thing! Such pretty flowers.

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    • Later when I watered the garden they came right close, to within six feet of me, but it was the sound of the water that gave them a false sense of security. If I’d had someone there to hold the hose while I held the camera, I might have got some good close ups. Funny thing about water, isn’t it? Deer on the beach feel safe from attack on the water side. We’ve come so close to them in a boat. Hummingbirds come really close and have even had showers in the spray of the water hose. I should get a camera with a hose attached!

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  6. I love the little nuthatches as they flit and float. 🙂 Great photos ( a bit like Where’s Waldo 🙂 )

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  7. Wonderful that you were able to capture these industrious and resourceful nuthatches, Anneli.

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  8. Good idea to keep them for the birds to feed on!

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  9. Amazing pictures. I hope you didn’t want those seeds for yourself!

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  10. Those nuthatchers are so sweet. Isn´t there one of them underneath the sunflower (in the first picture) but I can only see the tip of the tail. Then the other one I could see clearly. Don´t worry about feeding the birds through the summer, I think they find enough to eat. But as soon as it gets colder and there are no bugs around I start feeding them. I love those sunflowers. Mine never got seeds on them, they died before. We just don´t have enough water to water the whole garden.

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    • I understand that very well, having been short of water in the past, and other years, the winter comes too soon and there is not time for things to finish growing. This year has been good and the birds are happy. So am I.


  11. I love sunflowers! This was a win for you and a win for the birds, too. 🙂

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