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Quilted Aquarium


At last, at last, at last! I’ve finished the fish placemats after working on them for weeks. After sewing strips together to represent the pebbly ocean floor and the sea, I had to cut out shapes for seaweed, rocks, various kinds of imaginary fish, and a few turtles thrown into the mix.

These all had to be ironed on with “Heat and Bond” and then sewn into place with a small blanket stitch.

Then the batting and backing were put on and the quilting began.

Today I finished the binding around the edges.

There is a set of four, with a darker ocean floor, and a set of six with a lighter floor.

Don’t look too closely. There are mistakes all over the place, but after the first blob of gravy drops on the placemats, that won’t matter anymore.

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36 thoughts on “Quilted Aquarium

  1. WOW! They’re pretty darn cool. But, what a lot of work!!!

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  2. You are much more patient than I could ever be! The placemats are so beautiful. Congratulations on an excellent job!

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    • Maybe if I had applied myself a bit more … but I’m such a great procrastinator. If there were a competition for procrastination, I ‘d win first prize. But thank you, and I’m happy with how they turned out.


  3. Those are so cute. Great job, Anneli.

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  4. This is adorable, Anneli! I love it! I’ve probably mentioned to you before that I can hardly sew a button, so you are my hero!

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  5. Those are beautiful Anneli! Just your style.

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  6. Those are so nice. I have a lot of quilting material I inherited so might have a go. They look small enough for me.


  7. Love them ! Might even try it!


  8. These are absolutely amazing, Anneli. So beautiful, creative, and detailed.

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  9. They are really beautiful. 🙂

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  10. They are so creative and beautiful.

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  11. Some folks watch TV, while ohers…………. 🙂


  12. I love the colour and whimsy. Incredible amount of labour involved.

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  13. Oh these are so fun! Nice amount of work went into them, too. I love them!

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  14. They are absolutely beautiful! I admire you for your patience and for your fantasy. I never ever could do such beautiful things.


  15. I love these!! Fabulous art, Anneli. 🙂

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