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Mushroom Picking


Chanterelles usually grow in a low-growing fern-like mossy cover. But yesterday when the Captain and I went picking, there were only a few in this kind of vegetation.

The salal bushes seemed to get thicker and taller (waist high) and we wanted to get out of that patch and find something more mossy. I took the easiest path through the salal bushes. But wait a minute! This was a place that no human had walked through in a long time. Why am I following a path?

The path of least resistance that I was following was most likely a game trail. Game? It had to be game big enough to clear a path waist high…. Deer? Maybe. But more likely bears. I felt the hair prickle on the back of my neck and thought about getting out of there, when I spotted something champagne coloured – a chanterelle! And then another, and another, and another. They’re not supposed to be growing under the salal like this.


In the photo above, you can see that we had two cans of never used bear spray with us, just in case, but I honestly wasn’t worried about bears once I found my first chanterelle. It was great exercise and fun to find the mushrooms.

As we walked back to the truck, we saw a small deposit of processed berries at the side of the road. Oregon grape and salal berries are prolific in the woods we had just walked through. Apparently a bear had enjoyed this walk while foraging for his breakfast too.

Luckily, it seemed to be a day or two old. I was relieved to see that it was not steaming hot, as these finds sometimes are.

PS Notice the well-placed flower.

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44 thoughts on “Mushroom Picking

  1. The mushrooms are early this year with this rain. (What’s up with this rain?) You found some great ones. I need to go picking this weekend. 🙂

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  2. Whoa. First the worry about picking the wrong mushroom and killing myself (which you wouldn’t do because you are knowledgeable) and then the bear. Does bear spray stop them in time for you to escape?

    Fun virtual walk!

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    • The bears would rather eat berries so they mostly run away before we even know they’re there. The mushrooms – you should go with a friend a few times to get to know the mushrooms and after that you’ll be fine. The motto is “If in doubt, throw it out.”


  3. You went out without a bear bell????

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  4. Looks like a pleasant and productive walk through the woods, Anneli. And a comfort, such as it is, to find the dried scat. The mushrooms are big and beautiful.

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  5. You daredevil, you. I wouldn’t know an edible mushroom from those processed berries. I’d never make it in the woods.

    What a nice find you got there. Any nice recipes to use them in?

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  6. Steaming hot would be quite scary! Wow those mushrooms are beautiful. My grandmother and her sisters and sisters in law used to pick mushrooms a lot, but I don’t think they thought any of the younger generations how to do it.

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  7. Lucky find in more ways than one Anneli😏.

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  8. You are my hero, Anneli! Thanks for the walk!

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  9. Awww… that’s so sweet. Thanks, Jill. We enjoyed the chanterelles for the second day in a row. I’ll have to sautee and freeze the rest for another time.


  10. Dinner at what time ??? 🙂

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  11. What a haul…in my ignorance, I need to ask: do you have to have some sort of ‘picking’ permit?

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    • No, no picking permit needed. It’s land owned by a logging company with limited access to the public, and in some places it’s crown land, open to the public. I think if hordes of people went picking, they would make more rules, but it’s so much trouble to get all the equipment together and to drive to these places, that few people do it.


  12. Good for you doing the mushroom picking, Anneli!

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  13. Not a hobby for me. I love my life too much! 😀

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  14. Mushrooms are the best thing in autumn. Since there are no bears in our forests, picking them is completely safe. Thank you for the nice story.

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  15. Those chanterelles look beautiful! Here we only find way smaller ones. They taste very good in rice too. Here I only have to be scared of wild boars, they can be dangerous when they have young ones among them.

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  16. So that’s what it’s really like! I just posted a funny (imaginary) one on foraging and so came across this one. Pleased to meet you!

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  17. I checked it out and am happy to meet you too.


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