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This ‘Hood is for the Birds


Not meaning to make light of the very real shortage of affordable housing for people, I thought if  birds had any shortage of housing, here is one person’s way of dealing with it and helping them out. This tree with its “decoration” is located in a remote part of Vancouver Island. A handful of people live nearby and while some of them are very creative, all of them love nature. So this tribute to bird life is appreciated and admired by all. Some other objects have crept into a space among the birdhouses, but they don’t look out of place because they are part of the lifestyle there.

*Taken with the Captain’s little Fuji.

Do you see any objects that stand out for you?

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25 thoughts on “This ‘Hood is for the Birds

  1. The old camper trailer caught my eye!

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  2. I love this! The little camper is cool! If I were a bird I’d plan an overnight stay there. 🙂

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  3. I like the camper and the 1 1/2 storey house.

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  4. Somebody should market that camper, I am sure it would be a sales-hit 🙂

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  5. This is MARVELOUS! I love this. About 10 years ago we owned a home in an area that had a very strict HOA (even though the neighborhood was middleclass, not upper or exclusive). I was an avid gardener and had to have each tree, bush, vine, plant, etc etc etc approved before planting – a nightmare as you can imagine (we no longer live there). Anyway, I always loved birdhouses and started planning a bird house neighborhood…of course HOA nixed it…

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  6. I like the little blue and white “bird” trailer. I love these decorations. 🙂

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  7. I like the barn beside the camper. The camper is cute but where is the opening for the birds to get in? What is the axe doing there? That’s a very fun picture!

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    • Good spot, Ursula. I hadn’t noticed the barn until you said. I suppose the trailer might not be a birdhouse. Maybe it’s for the people. or maybe there’s a door at the back. And good for you, spotting the axe. There are other “metal” things, parts, in the scene – the kinds of things you might find near the beach at the edge of the woods.


  8. I love the little caravan! What a lovely, creative way to support the birds. I wonder how successful the various dwellings are!

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    • It would be interesting to know if any of them are still used. My guess is that most birds don’t want to be that close to each other when nesting, but maybe these houses were used before in another location. Maybe … I don’t know.

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    • I don’t know, but I suspect that some of the birdhouses were well used in another location. Probably the odd one gets used now, but they are not high off the ground so maybe not as appealing to the birds as the overall scene is to us.

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  9. That took a lot of thought, time and effort!

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