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Slipping into the Fall


With this title I began to wonder if I should have a picture of a pair of crutches, but it’s not that kind of fall. Now that the equinox has passed, there’s no denying that autumn is here.

Just look at the last of the Wilmuta winter apples.

The last of the walnuts, husks drying on the tree.

And, so sadly, my zinnias, gone to seed.

Emma saw them and was sad too. Only a few mums and rudbeckias left.

But out in the yard, the roses are making a last ditch effort to bloom. This one is called Freedom.

This red one is Europeana.

It’s time for the fall crocuses to do their thing. They’re funny ducks, sporting only leaves in the spring and only flowers in the fall. Anything to be different!

But most depressing are the holly berries, reminding me that deep winter is coming and with it the “C” word.

Beautiful as autumn is,

To me it’s always sad,

It marks the end of summertime,

And all the fun we had.

My attitude I must adjust,

And treasure golden days,

For autumn also brings us joy, 

In, oh, so many ways.


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42 thoughts on “Slipping into the Fall

  1. I’m certainly glad it’s not that kind of fall, Anneli. Your photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Lovely pictures and post- and your Europeana rose is just perfection- it’s such a good one!

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  3. We had a Europeana about … a few decades ago … and it did so well that I decided I had to buy another one after we moved from that place. It’s prolific and tough. Has to be to survive in my garden!


  4. Don’t worry. Spring is just around the corner — that corner far in the distance. PS I read that you shouldn’t cut down all your flowers now, but leave them for the winter so birds can feed on the seeds. Don’t know if that’s true, but it does make sense.

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  5. The season is bittersweet. I hadn’t heard of fall crocus.

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  6. Those roses are beautiful! Here in the north we are sliding faster and will go further. -40C will arrive sooner than I want it.

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  7. Hi Anneli, I love your roses 🙂

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  8. I was worried for a moment! Yep, fall has descended here too. I didn’t know about fall crocuses! Beautiful!

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  9. I love your pictures, Anneli! My roses are still going gangbusters (does anyone say that anymore?) Yes, Fall is here, and there is always some sadness, at least in my corner of the world. A (sort of) goal for me is to find something good about each winter day, instead of bemoaning the passing of summer!

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    • Tnx, Diane. You live in the garden belt so you do have the benefit of beautiful flowers for a long season. Makes it extra sad when it’s over. I always feel that pang of regret when the first leaves start falling and I know the easy time is over and the cold weather is coming. But we have to try to find the positive and keep cheerful, right? I think you have the right attitude.


  10. Anneli,
    It´s the perfect time of the year for some of us (a few 🙂 who don´t enjoy the heat of the summer, but love the white winter and the beautiful colors of spring and fall 🙂
    Cheers !

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  11. The beginning of fall always makes me a bit sad. Especially because the days are getting shorter every day. I love sunshine and a lot of light. But then, how often do we complain about the heat during summer. Fall is better than winter. Winter has nothing nice for me anymore. I am scared to walk- or drive on icy roads, can´t go skiing- or skating anymore. Not much to do during winter, except feeding the birds and shovelling snow. Lovely roses. I also didn´t know about the fall crocuses, they are lovely too.


  12. So beautiful, Anneli!!

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  13. What vibrant colours your flowers are Anneli! Emma is a very pretty girl, I hope she and Ruby are well. I love your autumn poem, it sums up exactly how I feel about the changing season. Thanks for making me smile!

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    • I think you mentioned grass seeds between spaniels’ toes in one of your blog posts. This year (after many years of no problem, we had to deal with that with both our spaniels. It sure is a worry while we deal with it, but I think we’re over the worst of it now. (Until next time – we have to check regularly.)

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      • Oh I’m sorry you’ve had that to deal with too. Yes Ruby went 18 months since we got her with no problems then about 8 got into her paws all at once! Not nice at all. I hope your two avoid them from now on.

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  14. Aww, seeing those plants drying up is sad, but once the fall colors bloom, vibrancy will again rule the day.

    The flowers I planted along our new patio are all still blooming, especially the roses. No chilly weather yet. I visited my dad in Wisconsin over the weekend and it was cooler there. I saw some leaves changing, too, but not here in the Chicago burbs yet. It’s in the 80’s today (28c) and tomorrow, and then we’re getting a rainy front that is supposed to finally usher in fall. That’s supposed to happen on Wednesday. So, cooler temps on the way.

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  15. Beautiful poem and pictures, Anneli. I’m seeing a bit of sun there. And don’t mention the C-word. Ack! I usually want to skip December because of it. 🙂 I’m such a grinch!

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  16. Europeana is splendid.
    Of course, autumn is not the best season, but it always gives us so many colors.

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