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I knew I had to spend a couple of hours in the kitchen today so I thought I might as well do two jobs at once. I put some bread dough ingredients in the bread machine, and when the mixing and rising was done, I put the dough into two loaf tins to rise again in a slightly warmed oven.

Then I got busy with these chanterelles the Captain and I had picked the day before.

One of them had grown like a bouquet of flowers.

Another was simply a giant single, so big a piece broke off when we handled it.

I washed the mushrooms in a tub of water, using the spray hose at the sink. Most of the needles and bits of dirt came off easily with the sprayer and I put the chanterelles into a bowl.

As I cut them up, I gave them another check to remove any last bits of forest that had come home with them.

Then I dumped the cut up mushrooms into the frying pan and sauteed them (basically cooking them for a few minutes to get most of the excess moisture out). I did many, many bowlfuls of mushrooms, cutting and cleaning while the previous batch simmered.

I put the cooked mushrooms into a stainless steel bowl and left them to cool before putting them into ziplocs to freeze in small batches.  They’re a great addition to curries, gravy, stir fries, and any number of other dishes.

When the bread dough had risen in the pans, I turned on the oven, and by the time all the mushroom work was done, I was rewarded with two freshly baked loaves of bread.


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48 thoughts on “Multi-tasking

  1. Yum yum yum. Looks so good. I wish I was back into cooking, but I am not cooking much and not writing much. Revising and sending out, yes. What is the equivalent of that in cooking? Eating hahaha? Monthly shopping this week, and I plan to get some goodies!

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  2. You are Betty Crocker! Looks magazine perfect!

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  3. You’ll be well stocked for winter with all those mushrooms. And the bread looks delicious!

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  4. Fresh baked bread and fresh gathered mushrooms… Just can’t get much better than that.
    Happy Gardening

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  5. Looks so good! And you know, I don’t think I’ve ever had a chanterelle!

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  6. They sure are. We love chanterelles.


  7. Does that bread ever look good!

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  8. Such yummy things! I particularly love mushrooms. 🙂

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  9. You were a very busy chef today, and it looks like your sous chef was hard at work as well?? Great job! Yummy!

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  10. Beautiful chanterelles! And the bread, yummy!


  11. I’m hungry. 😋🍴

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  12. Does your talent not have any bottom? Amazing.

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  13. Oh my gosh – can I come over to your house? If only…! When I read your first paragraph I was sure that at the end, you would have forgotten the bread while busy with the mushrooms. But I realize now that I was thinking that’s what I WOULD DO, surely not you! ❤

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  14. My husband and I don’t eat carbs, Anneli, so we don’t eat bread. But ooooh those warm loaves look luscious. I miss fresh bread. I can eat chanterelles though! They grow along my driveway. 🙂

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  15. Oh the savory smells that emanate from this post! On the recent post where you went mushroom picking and had that big basket filled with chanterelles, I was thinking about it later and wondered what you did with all those mushrooms. So how fun to see today exactly what you do, yum, what a treat that will be this winter as you pull the packages from the freezer. Great looking bread too!

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  16. It was a mistake for me to read your post while I was hungry! My mouth is watering and I wish I had a bag of your mushrooms and a loaf of your beautiful bread. Lovely photos, Anneli. I admire your talents. ❤

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  17. Impressive day’s accomplishment. Like very much that you share your satisfaction. Smiles to you.

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  18. Saw this too late. Otherwise I would have stopped by. 😀

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