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Slip Sliding Away


Along the drive from the Osoyoos to Hope, in southern BC, it is not uncommon to see talus slopes (evidence of land or rock slides).

In some of these slides, trees grew as if nothing had happened. Did the trees grow there after the slide, or  did they survive the slide, and the rocks whooshed past them and around them? I suppose it would help to know how long ago the slides happened.

These larger trees at the base of the slide (below), must have had the fright of their lives as they watched the mountain come down and then stop a short distance from them. A few more feet, a few more seconds, could have meant annihilation for them.

Below, you can see that some tree trunks lie like unburied skeletons, casualties of the disaster.

But not all living things were left unburied. I wondered how many unsuspecting little animals were swept away and buried forever under the slides.

Some of these steep slopes will continue to loosen and slide for ages, perhaps sometimes just a few rocks bouncing down the hill, or other times, a more major slip of the mountain. Wind, rain, earthquakes, and gravity can all play a role in determining when the earth will move.

Imagine the volume of the gravel and rock that came down in the photo below. If we could put it all back, would it be a hill as high as the ones beside the top of that slide? The upper part of the slide seems to be composed of smaller rocks and gravel, but just look at the size of the boulders that kept bouncing farther down the hill.

A slide cut just a small swath down this hill. Aren’t you glad you weren’t hiking there just then?

Earlier I did a post about the deadly slide that happened outside the town of Hope in 1965, killing four people. If you missed that post and  would like to  see it, here is the link to it. https://wordsfromanneli.com/2018/11/03/the-hope-slide/

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24 thoughts on “Slip Sliding Away

  1. Scary. Is that slope clear cut?

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    • I don’t think there was much logging in that area at all. There was mining, but I think the cause of the slides is just the composition of the layers of sediment and rocks, and the wind and weather. (Just my opinion. I’m not a geologist.)


  2. Yes, that is a very common sight. I am often amazed at the trees that are left standing (or perhaps grow up afterward).

    Your last couple of posts have made me feel a little homesick.

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  3. I think the trees grew up again because the roots were still in the soil. This happend to my lilacs along the creek. They were all gone after the big flood but grew back again, not ll f them but some did. Sometimes nature heals itself again. Beautiful pictures again!


  4. Osoyoos to Hope. And your photos. Swept back in time to this ride. Beautiful. Thank you Anneli.

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  5. I saw an avalanche once driving to the town of Jasper. I was admiring the mountains ahead of us and suddenly a wall of snow high on one of the peaks began to move. Within moments it hurled down the mountain. Blink and I would have missed the whole thing.

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  6. Never having lived among mountains, I didn’t picture them to have rocks and/or stones. I pictured grass and trees. I thought rocks would be in less vegetative areas like the southwest U.S. More, earthy-colored, desert-like areas. But, I guess at such heights, it’s harder for things to grow? IDK. I must need to go back to 5th grade textbooks. 🤷‍♀️

    Those are really nice photos. I wish I didn’t have so far to drive to see mountains, since I don’t like to fly.

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    • We drove. A long way! But it was worth it. The only way to get a real sense of what a place is like is to go there and see for yourself. The (not that high) mountains of Vancouver Island are mostly covered with trees until you get up quite high. Every range is different.

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  7. They sometimes scare me as we drive by them…

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  8. Yes, very scary. The photos really show the magnitude of what happened.

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