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Scary Movies


Just in time for Halloween, I wanted to tell you about a movie I saw way, way back in another century, when I was a little girl. The idea of The Monolith Monsters was so scary for me that I have remembered that movie all these years. The basic plot was simple: Meteors struck the earth and when they came in contact with water, these “rocks” grew and grew until they were like giant skyscrapers that finally “lost their balance” and fell down, smashing anything in front of them and breaking into many smaller pieces of rock which then began to grow again into more skyscraper rocks, which again came crashing down.

So the rocky skyscrapers advanced, coming closer and closer to the big cities where people would certainly die from being smashed by the rocks.

When we traveled to Montana and back, we saw towers that carry high voltage power lines. They reminded me of some monstrous beings. Don’t they look like they will start walking to wherever they feel like going … carrying enough voltage to zap their way through any place they want to go? If I had more imagination I’d write a horror story about them, but even if I could, I think it I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I’m a coward when it comes to horror shows or stories. I just can’t watch themΒ  or read or write them without having nightmares for years afterwards.

And it’s not like there is only one of these monsters. They are everywhere.

They have joined together for a more dramatic effect.

Yikes!! I’m scared. Will I be able to sleep tonight???

Oh — and the Monolith Monsters…. Do you know how they were stopped?

Some smart scientist discovered that salt stops them from growing, so it was just a matter of getting truckloads of salt to pour onto them. Whew! Just in the nick of time too!!

If you happen to know of a horror story or movie that features the power towers, please let me know. I feel as if there is a story out there about them but I can’t remember it.

Meanwhile, be careful out there. Halloween is coming.

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38 thoughts on “Scary Movies

  1. And ugly!!!!

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  2. I hope some of the power poles are friendly.

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  3. Dear Anneli
    Is this the aesthetics of a world who sees itself as modern? Oh dear …
    Lots of love from the little village next the big sea – just the opposite, VERY romantic.
    The Fab Four of Cley
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  4. Those towers are unsightly and would make good monsters.

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  5. I have never seen that movie!!! Wow! OK, that one monster shape, though, looks like a cat. I’m ok with a giant cat as long as it doesn’t carry radiation ;).

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  6. I can see the cat-shaped face – and it even has cat ears! No radiation, I think, but definitely an electromagnetic field. I suppose that’s radiation of another kind. As for the movie, I don’t think you were born yet when that movie came out.


  7. When visiting my mom in Illinois from Florida (where she used to live), she had similar power towers about 3 blocks from her house. We used to walk Max by them and could hear them buzzing. In fact, I posted a photo of them where I loved the contrast between the flowers and the power lines. They’re in the blurry background.

    Those power lines you captured are a different shape. They do look like monsters with broad shoulders. They must need to carry electricity to remote places out there in Montana. BTW, that movie you shared about does not sound familiar at all. Sounded scary for a kid. I hate horror and scary films, too. I don’t mind a little scary intrigue, but it better not turn out to be horrifying or I’m out. 😱

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    • I can’t watch scary shows or I’m a wreck afterwards. This movie was way before your time (1957). I was little then, and even though it probably isn’t scary now, it sure was then. I’ve thought about it all these years. Thanks for your link. I’ll check it out.

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  8. These monsters really are quite intimidating! I have always thought they look like giant creatures holding up the power lines and marching in single file. Yikes!!

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  9. They do look like metal monsters, especially in the last photo. They would make a good sci-fi story.

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  10. I can see why seeing these high voltage structures reminded you of the movie. They really do look like people, creatures that will come and get you. Yikes! A picture is worth a thousand words.

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  11. This is exactly why I don’t like scary/horror movies. They stay with us for a lifetime! And yes, those towers are very scary. They look like technological scarecrows. As in SCAREcrows, or in this case, SCAREtowers.
    BOO. Have a fun Halloween. Here? Supposed to pour, so probably not a lot of trick or treaters.

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  12. Incredible photos and I too often felt they are beasts, sprawled along the country, ready to be woken up! Goodness knows what havoc they would cause! They are not pretty whilst wind turbines are poetic form of energy, inspirational in form and sound!As for horror films I still haven’t seen any and never intend to … your description had me spooked!

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  13. I’m not a fan of horror films or those metal beasts trudging through our forests. We’re on the same page, Anneli. πŸ™‚ Happy Halloween.

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  14. Good to have company. Thanks, Diana.


  15. Thank you for sharing, I always find out something new from your posts.

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