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The Poor Relation


The West Edmonton Mall is known as the largest shopping mall in North America. I have never seen it, but if I’m ever in Edmonton, Alberta, I will definitely visit it. Knowing that it is famous and amazing, I could not resist taking this picture of its distant poor relation as we passed through the tiny gold mining town of Hedley, BC. Someone had a good sense of humour when they named this run-down building “The West Hedley Mall.”

In fact the  building is so run down that, to the best of my knowledge, it is not there anymore. I took this picture last year after driving for many hours through dust and insects. The windshield tells the story. I thought it fit well with the contents of the photo, so I didn’t try to clean it up. This year I looked in vain for The West Hedley Mall to try for a better photo. It’s gone. Or, I might have blinked and missed it….

You can find wonderful images of the real West Edmonton Mall here.

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22 thoughts on “The Poor Relation

  1. Ha-Ha…Quite a mall! 🙂

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  2. The large malls in our area are going under, perhaps the small ones will survive.


  3. Did the West Hedley mall have a Nordstroms?

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  4. That community must be cool to have such a good sense of humour!
    Love the photo which ‘speaks a thousand words’ indeed.

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  5. I’ve been to the West Ed mall a number of times (I used to fly out of Edmonton) but I didn’t care much for it. To be fair, I’m not much of a mall person. Malls seem to have passed their zenith, though.

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  6. We´ve been there in 1995 and spend a half a day there. It was something else in those days! Love its relation almost better.

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  7. I remember when the mall where I grew up (and worked at its movie theater) was the largest in North America. Then they built the Mall of America (Minnesota) which was much, much larger. Apparently, the Edmonton Mall has surpassed that one. Considering what you and Jill said about malls struggling economically, they may be getting smaller in the future.

    BTW, I absolutely love your header photo. That purple is striking.

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  8. Quite a far cry from the WEM. 😉


  9. Not a great line of products though.


  10. Oh my. I don’t know. I think their good are overpriced. 🙂

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