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What’s Next?


Do these photos make you wonder about the story behind them?

If you had these photos as the cover of your book, what would your next two sentences be, after each prompt for chapter one?

Prompt #1

The Farmer’s Almanac said it was going to be worse than any winter on record.

Prompt #2

The kids had been coughing and whining all day.

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30 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. Those are great pictures. I love the idea of subsistence living, basic homes, and families together.

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  2. What’s next? Prompt #1: “Hey Sweetie, there’s a great seat sale to Hawaii. Let’s go!” Prompt #2: “Wouldn’t you kids love to go visit Auntie Anneli for a week or two?? She has some great ideas for natural remedies.” I think both of those scenarios would work well for me. Ha ha ha.

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    • Thank you, Sonja, for being the first brave person to volunteer a second sentence. Not sure I like the idea of the visit from the sick kids (maybe there’s another auntie who would take them?) but the first one sounds good.


  3. 1. “Billy, do you think we need to look into getting some new windows?”
    “Nah…that Almanac never gets it right…we’ll just nail up a few boards, Hon.”

    2. “Well, maybe if you’d listened to me and got new windows the kids wouldn’t be sick.”
    “You’re right, Hon…you’re always right.”

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  4. To see those buildings in their present state tells us most all about the stories behind them 😦

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  5. Prompt 3 Let’s get the hell out of here before it gets worse.
    Nice pictures!

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  6. #1 She scratched at the frost on the window, but it was too thick today to make pictures. Besides it was time to get dressed. Her mother had her clothes laid out on the oven door; they would be toasty warm.

    #2 She pulled on her coat, wrapped her scarf carelessly around her neck, and stepped barefoot into her rubber boots. She walked out the door without a last glance at the children.

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  7. For #2 “Turn off the TV and get the house winterized!” Love the pix!

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  8. I’m doing this without looking a the comments already here. Don’t want to be persuaded/dissuaded or affected by other ideas.
    #1 But the Farmers who wrote the Almanac didn’t know what kind of weather follows blizzards that bury people in an instant, or sunstorms that burn buildings in seconds. The Farmers just didn’t know.
    #2 So when the new next door neighbor (who lived 1/4 mile down the road) suggested he had a miracle cough syrup, everyone in the family took a spoonful. The house was full of ghosts by the next day.

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  9. I do like the photos. Not sure about the sentences to follow though…

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  10. #1 I knew I should have listened to the farm animals. They always know. #2 I told Papa the loose boards needed fixin’. He told me I worry too much.

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  11. Prompt #1: As every fall, I wondered what if they were wrong? What if this year winter didn’t come?
    Prompt #1: What if this year winter didn’t come? What if this time the Almanac was wrong?
    Prompt #2: I knew that the coughing was only going to get worse as was their whining if I didn’t come up with a plan. I packed them in our station wagon and drove them miles away where I drove them to a haunted house.

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