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Mystery Building – Church or House?


This church looks so old that it begged to be photographed. It sits on a lonely rise (to call it a hill would be exaggerating) in northern Montana. I don’t think it gets much use anymore, judging from the boarded up windows, but at one time it must have hosted a fair-sized congregation.

In eastern Washington, I saw another old church. I had noticed it on several other trips through this area. This building, too, has seen better days.

But what is different this year is the new structure that has been built beside the old one. At first I assumed that it was a church, because of the steeple and the wide stairs going into the double glass doors. Possibly my thinking was influenced by the wrought iron fencing.

I think now, that I was wrong about it being a new church (just because it was built next to an old one).

My reasoning?

Here is a close up of the sign (a bit blurry) that is attached to the right of the gate.

It can’t be a church and say: Private Property – No Trespassing.

And now I’m even questioning whether the second photo from the top is really of a church.

What do you think?


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30 thoughts on “Mystery Building – Church or House?

  1. Looks like it might be a house. I love thinking about all of us bloggers out there in the world taking photos to share with our friends. Fun post, Anneli.

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    • I think you’re right, Jet. And all this time I was thinking it’s a new church to make up for the one that’s falling apart. These were, again, drive-by shots, so nothing special, but I had taken a picture of the old church several times and suddenly there was this new building. So … just a house! 😉


  2. I think the second photo is a church, but the new building must be someone’s home. Not a style I would like, but unique.

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  3. I am almost sure that the first one was a church. All the others are houses, kind of fancy ones. Except for the last one. This is a down to earth house/cabin, with a big sign for everyone that this is a private property.
    Fun post!

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  4. The first two are definitely churches, but the other is a residence. I don’t think that’s a steeple. It looks like some kind of widow’s walk.

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  5. Wow what a structure! I think it’s a house, but I can see how it might be mistaken for a church.

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  6. I love the lines of the first two buildings, very classic. But the third one is not a style I like. It’s certainly overdone—someone’s idea of architectural beauty.

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  7. Beautiful churches! I love the paint job on the house too. It’s so colorful!

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  8. I think the first photos are of churches, but the other is of a home. I have seen steeples on homes before. Not something I would choose, but I’m not exactly a style guru. 🙂

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  9. These pictures of dilapidated homes and churches you’ve been showing seem to tell ghost stories. They remind me of a ghost town. Makes me wonder if they were thriving at one time, and then a bad economy toppled them.

    As far as the churches, that last one doesn’t look like a church to me. I think it’s a home. The picture before that one of the abandoned ramshackle does look like a church. It looks like it might’ve had a bell tower there in the front, but who knows. 🤷‍♀️ Interesting to consider though.

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  10. It could be either. Private property is a owned by a person, or a church. Great photos, Anneli!

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  11. Good question! I would have guessed a church, but maybe not. I do like the older buildings much more than the newly built one. Just me. 🙂

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  12. I would have guessed that it was designed as a church with that big curving window. Or maybe a village hall? Maybe the architect was bringing in a number of different influences.

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