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Changing Skies


A southeast system of wind and rain at the lower levels and snow at higher elevations is moving up the coast and then inland. The owners of ski hills are ecstatic.

Just look at the turmoil in the sky. The uppermost clouds are dropping moisture from  those sweeping misty fingers.

A streak of heavy cloud sits like a skinny blanket, trying to decide whether to go up or down or continue north like a long train along the middle of the hillside.

Right in the middle of the picture, just above the level of the bay water, a low snaking cloud is following the Trent River to its mouth.


After a few minutes I go outside to take another picture as the clouds darken, and the hillside falls into shadow.

The layers of clouds have begun to separate and the lower ones seem to be churning in confusion. Where to go next?

Right now I’m happy to have the rain at sea level and the snow up higher where the skiers can enjoy it. If it keeps on raining, ask me in a week how I feel about it then.

And if it’s a rainy day, it’s perfect for reading a good book. I’ve written five of them for you. Just check out my web page at www.anneli-purchase.com to find out more about them. They make perfect Christmas gifts.

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15 thoughts on “Changing Skies

  1. I wish I was there.
    I love snow 🙂
    Anneli, enjoy the winter.
    Cheers !

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  2. Beautiful pictures- the one reminds me of the snaking clouds that play a role in the defeat of the opposing army in the movie “Red Cliff!”

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  3. Ominous, awesome clouds. I envy your scenery.

    Thanks for the book tips.

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  4. Those are amazing clouds. If anyone doubted the power or Majesty of nature, they wouldn’t after these pictures.

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  5. Beautiful pictures!

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  6. What a treat to watch the brewing storm in these fantastic photos, Anneli. Really enjoyed your descriptions, too. Your boat experiences have made you astute to weather and how it unfolds, and I enjoyed reading your words.

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  7. Clouds are beautiful and tell many stories. You have captured a winner. Thank you, Anneli.

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