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Oh My Goodness!

A noise like the clunk of a piece of wood in the woodshed got Emma barking. Something was scurrying around out there. I grabbed my camera to zoom in so I could see better at this distance.

Lincoln was scampering back and forth and up and down so fast I couldn’t get a clear picture of him.

I noticed that the second batch of walnuts I had put out on the firewood was gone, so I presume the donation was appreciated.

Lincoln ran around the pile of old posts and lumber at the side of the woodshed and as I tried to follow with the camera, muttering, “Hold still, will ya?” I saw double. I lowered the camera and squinted. Yes, there were two Lincolns out there, chasing each other around. No wonder I couldn’t get them to hold still.

This blurry critter is NOT Lincoln. He was at the other end of the heap.

But then WHO is this?


This one’s fur is much lighter.  See how dark Lincoln’s fur is by comparison?

I snapped pictures hoping for one that wouldn’t be too blurry. Those critters just wouldn’t stand still. Imagine my surprise when I uploaded the photos and saw this photo below.

Oh, my goodness! Caught in the act (inadvertently – I wasn’t trying to spy on them), and still moving so fast that it was blurry!! Yikes!


Lincoln is the deliquent. Do y’all know where De Linc went? https://wordsfromanneli.com/2017/06/26/lincoln-the-delinquent/

So  I suspect this Delilah must be Delicious Della.

It looks like my wishes for Lincoln have already come true and he really is having a Merry Christmas!