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Bits and pieces are always left over no matter what project you sew. This year, our quilt guild suggested that we all try to make something out of the many scraps we have accumulated. I thought it was a perfect idea since my sewing room was loaded in “useless” bits of fabric.
Enthusiastically, I started putting the bits together. Hours (or maybe days and weeks) later, I realized what a huge job it would be to make a big quilt out of all these tiny pieces. So I began to think small.

I came up with four placemats made of scraps. Don’t look for perfection. They are only scraps.

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44 thoughts on “Scraps

  1. I love them, nice work Anneli! ❤️

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  2. They are gorgeous. Do they wash well? I’d worry because all the fabrics are different–might shrink, or fade…

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    • I don’t use bleach on them, but you can pretty well wash them in lukewarm water and they’ll come out okay. They’ll shrink a tiny bit even if the fabric is all washed beforehand because the batting inside shrinks at different rate than the outside parts, but after they’re washed once and ironed, that gets the wrinkles out and they work fine. As for different colours, if they are prone to run, you can get some little sheets (similar to the Bounce sheets, but smaller) that are made for absorbing colour that washes out and that stops it from getting on the lighter colours. So far, it hasn’t been a problem. Most of the fabrics are colour-fast.

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      • Shoot–of course–wash it first. Duh. You can see I haven’t sewn in a while! And I haven’t heard of the sheets that absorb color. I’ll have to look for those.

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        • Yes, but don’t feel bad because the batting will shrink either more or less (can’t remember which). I don’t even bother with pre-washing anymore unless I’m sewing clothing. There is always a big debate going on about whether to wash first or not. Right now, the score is 50-50.

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  3. Those are so pretty, Anneli. I love that blue!

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  4. Well done, Anneli!

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  5. Great background for food pics 🙂
    Cheers !

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  6. Incredibly industrious, Anneli, and so handsome. It occurs to me that if you have this many fabric scraps, oh my goodness you have done so many projects.

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  7. The cobalt blue border sets them off beautifully!

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  8. What a nice way to throw a pop of colour on the table! These are beautiful!

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  9. Those are great, especially with the blue border. 🙂

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  10. Great idea for using up all those scraps, and if you make enough of these small ones, you could join them all together!

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  11. I love the placemats! You did a great job, Anneli.

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  12. I’m a scrapper from way back and love it when others share their scrappy creations! Great job!
    I’m with jenanita101 about combining them all together, but the placemats make for a satisfying instant gratification project which is something we all need from time to time.

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  13. What a pile of work is in those beautiful mats! I admire you and I love those placemats.


  14. They’re beautiful, Anneli. My mom used to make us quilts out of old sleeping bags (remember the ancient rectangular ones that unzipped into a square?). She’d use scraps from just about everything including our old clothes. We always recognized them in the patchwork.

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  15. They’re absolutely beautiful. Lovely work

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  16. They are beautiful. I love the blue bordering. ❤ Also, Anneli, I love your new header. It's very calming. ❤

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    • Thanks, Carol. I had such a nice time on that beach last summer. Nice reminder of warmer days to come. Glad you liked the placemat borders. I’m going ahead with a smallish quilt and then I hope to have leftovers for more placemats. We’ll see how that goes.

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