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Aching Bones


The cold snap has hit us. The suddenness of the bitter cold was a shock to us west coasters. We’re tough when it comes to wild winds and torrents of  rain, even crashing trees and power outages, but drop the mercury a tiny bit and most of us coasties are wimps. We don’t like the cold.

That wind is supposed to be southeast. Every day, every day, all through the winter, it’s southeast. What a shock when it switched to northwest. I swear I could smell polar bear fur in the wind.

Ruby, our 13-year-old springer spaniel has done some retrieving while duck hunting in the last couple of weeks, using joints and muscles she hasn’t used in a long time. Now, old age is catching up to her. She’s been having trouble with the stairs, not wanting to put weight on her left shoulder.

Just now she is soaking up the warmth of the tiles in front of the woodstove in our family room.

She does have a nice soft dog bed, but the tiles have been warmed by the fire and it’s just what her shoulder needs, while she dreams of duck hunts of the past.


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32 thoughts on “Aching Bones

  1. Ruby has all my sympathy. Cold is one thing, but cold and wet is something else. Still, there is the thrill of the hunt to make up for it all

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    • She loves to go hunting (it’s not something that happens a lot around here, but occasionally), but she sure pays the price now that she’s getting so old. Completely deaf, but she still loves the hunt. After that, she seeks out the heat.

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  2. A beautiful photo Anneli! Please give Ruby a hug for me? 🥰🇨🇦

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  3. Awww, she’s sweet and so are you. Stay warm you two!

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  4. Poor Ruby – the cold and the damp is miserable for ageing joints. I hope the warm tiles help her to feel more comfortable. 🙂

    It’s cold here but not damp, and that’s much better.

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  5. Aw…poor little Ruby. Stay warm sweet girl!

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  6. Would she use a heating pad?

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  7. Poor old Ruby, I feel with her, we have the same problems and we don´t even go hunting. Give her a kiss on the nose from us please. She is just such a sweet dog.

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    • She really is a sweet dog. And to think she was such a monster puppy. I swear she’s the worst puppy we ever had and yet she turned into almost the best dog we ever had. Lucky for all of us that we didn’t give up on her when she was that hyper, goofy puppy.


  8. Anneli, that turn in the wind direction sounds fierce and loved your expression of ‘I swear I could smell polar bear fur in the wind.’ Ruby looks like she’s in the right place … I wouldn’t want to move from the fireplace either! Keep warm … and Spring surely can’t be too far away!😀

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    • The polar bear image came to me easily as soon as I stepped outside the door. That wind had to be coming straight from the Arctic. And yes, Ruby has the right idea! Hope you’re not having too cold a winter where you are, Annika.

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  9. Your dear Ruby sounds like our Sally. She wants to go for walks with us, but after a couple of blocks she’s dragging. Poor old girls.

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  10. We have a 12-year-old dog who never duck hunted but still dreams he did (well, based on the yips when he’s asleep, I think he does. Love those older dogs.

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  11. I do not hunt,
    but I can Identify with Ruby´s pains and aches 😦
    My sympathies to her 🙂
    God Bless !

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    • Thanks, Hans. Ruby would have these pains whether she hunted or not, but the days spent in the cold, wet weather didn’t help her any. She’s being pampered these days since the Arctic air moved in.


  12. Aw, does she get any of that supplement that dogs take for their joints? For cats it is called Dasuquin. We have had cold weather for two months. OK, OK, cold for Arizona! And the gardener and I have aching joints, too. I don’t even know why the cold has that effect!

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  13. Ah, Ruby looks so peaceful. There’s even a contented smile on her face! ❤

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  14. Sweet photo. Throw another log on the fire I guess 😏.

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