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Lincoln Cracks the Case


See how I can balance? Oh, my! Forget that. Look at the sunflower seeds in that jar.

You think I’m greedy because I took two? If I don’t, that Della will get them all.  What’s that? Oh, don’t worry. I left plenty for her.

But would you like to see how efficiently I can peel these sunflower seeds and get at the inside part? Just watch! Anneli made me a movie star.  She messed up about three seconds from the end, when SHE got greedy and wanted to zoom in on me, but please, watch me in my own show: Lincoln Cracks the Case.

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33 thoughts on “Lincoln Cracks the Case

  1. Wow, Lincoln is super fast opening those seeds up! He’s so darn cute, Anneli! 🥰

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  2. I love Lincoln.He is so very quick with opening those little seeds. Great show, Anneli!

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    • Thanks, Ursula. I’m happy to see that he is okay. Also, I wanted to mention that I know it’s Lincoln and not Della because on the second photo, you can see that he has a healed up “owie” on his arm.


  3. I love your title! He’s really is a cute one.

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  4. Lincoln, you are a smartie (and cute). And you have found a wonderful place to make your home. 🙂

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  5. Lincoln, you are fast and clever! And of course very cute. 🙂

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  6. What a cute little creature. Very clever at cracking that case!

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  7. You are a star, Lincoln! Even blurry, I was gobsmacked.

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  8. Oh my goodness! That Lincoln is so cute! He sure picked the right house/woodshed to make his little home. I agree, you should definitely write a children’s book.

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  9. He’s so efficient at the way he eats those seeds! How CUTE he is, too! What a charmer.

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