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Groundhog Day


The weather gods must have heard me saying all we get is wind and rain – and okay, a little bit (a lot) of snow – so they decided to send us something different just for a bit of variety.

Is it ice for the birds to put in their drinks?  We could have a party for the birds! Maybe these are tiny marshmallows for their dessert?

Then so many of these icy particles came down that it was way more ice or marshmallows than we needed for the party. And all this, just a day after I noticed the “daffy dolls.”

Things got serious when the wind came up at the same time, causing chaos at the bird feeding station.

Oh, where is spring? I hear many of the Canadian groundhogs saw their shadow today and we’ll have six more weeks of winter. Others disagreed. I hope the others are right. I like to cheer for the under hog.

Please visit my website if you need more winter reading until spring comes for keeps.


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26 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. Haha. 🙂 I like the under hog as well. 🙂

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  2. I believe the under hog! You were lucky that the little ice cubes weren’t the size of tennis balls! Seems to me that we are having April weather, every day something else. Don´t worry, spring is around the corner!

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  3. I’m cheering for the under hog, too! 🙂 We’re going to hit 72 degrees today, but back to the 50’s by the end of the week.

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  4. We had a very pleasant groundhog day.

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  5. That weather looks nasty. In our part of the country, 6 more weeks of winter would mean a very early spring😊

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  6. I remember the last time I saw hail, I thought it was darn exciting. That was about a decade ago.

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  7. No offense, please, but oh ICK. That looks so just icky. We are supposed to get cold again (for us), too, and the gardener is out there covering plants in case it freezes tonight.

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  8. Our Punxsutony Phil (Pennsyslvania) groundhog did not see his shadow. It’s been too cloudy. Thank goodness. We had clouds with absolutely no sun for 11 days. Finally came back yesterday and today, but is due to disappear again tomorrow.

    Stay safe from those flying pellets.

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    • I stayed inside or at least under cover while I took those pictures and the hail stopped as soon as it had made a mess of everything. I don’t think any groundhogs around here saw their shadow either so we should have an early spring (but the Captain just told me that history has shown the groundhog predictions to be accurate only 30% of the time).

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  9. Wow, those are big hailstones, Anneli. They can do some damage. Enjoyed your telling of the hail storm, through the narrative and the photos. Poor little birds, their feeding station thrown about, and ferocious winds. Liked your plays on words, too. Hope your spring comes sooner than later….


  10. The hail was quite a surprise, but it disappeared as quickly as it came. Sure played havoc with the birdfeeders when the wind came up at the same time. I wouldn’t have wanted to be a hummingbird in that hail shower.
    Have a great weekend, Jet.


  11. We’re supposed to have an early spring, so said Phil the groundhog. My fingers are crossed. 🤞

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