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Spa Day the Old-fashioned Way


We had a muddy day after the hail melted and the dogs, after being cooped up in the house for days, had some time outside. Ruby, the old springer spaniel, stayed near the door and waited for it to open so she could duck back inside, but young Emma, the English field cocker spaniel, tore around and explored any places where she could dig.

Emma is black with a smidgeon of white, but after her afternoon of digging and tearing around the yard, she was blackish-brown with a smidgeon of … well … blackish-brown. Her feathered feet held a ton of sand and dirt. She was in desperate need of a spa day.

But since she’s no French poodle, spa day for her meant a bath in the tub.

Towels were placed everywhere, to catch any shakes and splatters, or rolled on soppiness.

A couple of small tubs of lukewarm water, some Axe shampoo,Β  and a plastic container to use as a water scoop, and we were ready.

Luckily, Emma loves the water. I was careful to keep the soap out of her face, and the water out of her ears, so she was happy enough.

Just look at the brown sauce coming from her feet! And that was just a fraction of the whole mess.

But now she’s beautiful again. Clean, clean, clean.


Ready to go out and get dirty all over again.

But what fun!

PSΒ  After all that wet dog business and the splattering shaking that followed, it was my turn for the spa treatment.

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40 thoughts on “Spa Day the Old-fashioned Way

  1. Good job, both of you! She’s a beauty!

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  2. I had to do that a long time ago, when our Buster and Sally had chased a raccoon up a tree, and the raccoon got loose bowels, while both dogs were still sitting under that tree. Oh waht fun that was! πŸ˜€

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  3. Emma is a beautiful girl, Anneli! I saw all that dirt on the tub, wow. πŸ₯°

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  4. My dog is a Labrador and hates water! You’re lucky to have one that doesn’t shy away from a bath.

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  5. Aw…she is so beautiful and shiny, too!

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  6. Looking great Emma! How many towels does a cute gal need?❀️

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  7. Such a beautiful girl! πŸ™‚

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  8. My Ani… who looks very much like an older, larger version of Emma… hates bathtime. It is always an adventure…and a good excuse to wash the bathroom walls afterwards πŸ˜‰

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  9. Pretty Girl πŸ™‚
    Life is Good !

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  10. Oh is she ever pretty after the bath! And she is smelling so very nice now. But its a lot of work befor, while- and after the bath. During summer I always used the water hose to give them a good wash, that was much easier.

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  11. She is a sweet looking dog.
    I remember our dogs never enjoyed getting baths, and couldn’t wait to give a good shake when it was done😏

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  12. You were brave climbing in there with her. I’d have tried to wash her from the outside. We have a big tub in the basement for such things . . . which is not necessary anymore. 😒

    Emma looks so spiffy now.

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  13. AXE!? That’s what the boys in junior high used. I can still smell the hallways — junior high sweat, Axe shampoo and deodorant! Emma is a sweetie and needs something more feminine.

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  14. she is so beautiful and shiny, too!

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  15. These are the best kind of spa days. I always feel like these are bonding moments with my girls. I sing, talk and fuss over them during these times. Now they fight over who gets to have their bath first. Nothing like great pups!

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  16. Awww. Clean and beautiful. I hope you get a spa day too!

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