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On Retreat


Ahhh! Peace and quiet, and even a ray of sunshine as a bonus. What a lovely moment’s reprieve from Mrs. Flicker’s bickering.

Uh-oh! I may have spoken too soon.  I was SO enjoying a moment on my own.

You say she wants me to get home and help with the dishes? Can’t you see I’m on retreat?

You’ve got a nerve, taking her part. You go back and tell her …  tell her …. Oh, heck! Tell her I’ll be there in a minute.

And like Mr. Flicker, I’ll be away for a few days on retreat, quilting up a storm. Back soon.

Meanwhile, check out my website for more about my books. Three of them with love and drama on the west coast of British Columbia (The Wind Weeps, Reckoning Tide, Marlie), more love and drama on the Baja Peninsula (Orion’s Gift), and a love triangle in postwar Europe (Julia’s Violinist).

Find out more at http://www.anneli-purchase.com

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20 thoughts on “On Retreat

  1. Have a great (and productive) retreat. 🙂

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  2. Enjoy your retreat time Anneli! 🌞

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  3. Have fun at the retreat, enjoy it and come back all fresh and happy!

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  4. Hi Anneli,
    I always enjoy the pics of those quilts.
    Are they available for purchase anywhere ?
    Cheers !

    Enjoy your retreat 🙂

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  5. I hope you have a fine retreat, unlike the flicker 😊

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  6. Beautiful photos, Anneli! Have a wonderful retreat! 🙂

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  7. Have fun quilting, Anneli! Thanks for these great photos! And Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  8. What a cute story about this bird. It’s amazing how their heads can turn so far.

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  9. They are beautiful birds.

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