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The Camisole Model


My dream to be a model

Took an unexpected turn,

Success would be reality,

I soon began to learn.


The mistress had a camisole

She was too fat to wear,

And yet she couldn’t throw it out,

No, that she couldn’t bear.


But now it served her purpose well,

“Come try this on,” she said,

And next thing that I knew 

She had it pulled over my head.


She tied the straps beneath my chin, 

And stuck my arms right through 

The tiny armholes that were left,

And said, “There, that will do.”


“This shirt prevents your urge to lick

And nibble at your stitches

Or else we have to use the cone

Which I know you don’t wishes.”


Just one more knot behind my back

To hold the shirt in place

And now I am the prettiest dog

In all the doggy race.


A lady vet took out my lump

She clipped off my long nails

They’d drugged me first just to be sure

That there would be no wails.


So now I’m in the model line,

I got my photos done,

If  looking for a runway star,

You know that I’m the one.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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38 thoughts on “The Camisole Model

  1. Aww, what a sweetie. She doesn’t look too thrilled in that last picture. Hope all came out okay with that lump. Max had one removed once (he had several fatty tumors), and we used one of Gary’s old shirts instead of the cone. It’s much better. Here’s to quick healing.

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  2. This is a very sweet poem, fits the model, love it! Please give Emma a kiss on her nose from me.

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  3. That’s brilliant, Anneli… both the solution to the stitches problem and the poem.
    So very like my Ani, though…and I know that look 😉

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  4. Oh my,
    what a sweet doggy 🙂
    (Lovely poem)
    Thank God for the internet-
    Although we will never meet, it feels a bit as if I have known you, the captain, your animal-babies and your surroundings for a long time 🙂
    I hope that does not sound (too) cheesy, but hey, its the internet, slap me if you can 🙂
    Cheers, and all the Best to Emma.

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  5. Sweet doggie. Good luck to her.

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  6. I love your writing, Anneli, and shes a pretty dog too. That second photo says it all… I hope she heals well. 🥰

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    • Oh, you mean that poem that Emma wrote? Ha ha. Didn’t know a dog could write poetry, did you? But thanks a lot for the nice comment. She’s doing fine. But if she didn’t know she was a star before, she’s even more spoiled now.


  7. She has a blue hue too!!

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  8. What a great poem (and a great use for the camisole). 🙂 I’m glad to hear that she’s fine. 🙂

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  9. Awww! It’s so hard when we cannot explain to them why we’re doing these things! Hope her stitches heal fast. My dog had an operation in 2018 and we had some battles over the cone. I left her alone for literally a few seconds and she managed to take it off, which one would have thought would be impossible…

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    • Those cones are awful (for the dog). In Emma’s case, where she’s so short in the leg, it was interfering with her negotiating the stairs and that worried me too. The camisole has worked out fine. We did the same for Ruby a few years ago with a soft jersey top.

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  10. Oh Emma. I didn’t know you were such a wonderful poet! Anneli, I remember that camisole as being one of your favorites, way back when. The color was always so pretty on you, and now it looks like you have some competition. Ha ha ha. Emma, I am so glad you are healing up well. Love the pics.

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  11. LOL. So much better than the cone. What a riot. You’re a good mom.

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  12. Emma is even scowling like a model! Adorable poem and a sweet way to replace the cone. xo

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  14. What a lovely blog,
    what a lovely dog.
    Such a clever solution to the problem 💜

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  15. Great news on the lump and such a lovely model…very fetching outfit.

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