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Super Worm Moon


I had to try for these photos of the super moon tonight. I was surprised to see that the moon lit up a few of the holly berries  where it shone through the leaves. You can see a bit of red on the berries.

After I came into the house again, I found out about this full moon in March being called a super moon. It has many other names, but one that I hadn’t heard before was a worm moon, named for the castings of earthworms making lumpy designs on the grass. When I zoomed in on the moon, I thought, yes, it does look like a bit of a minefield of earthworm “process.”


Tonight (Sunday), the moon looked full and beautiful, but the actual full moon is tomorrow, so you can still go looking for it on Monday night.

I wish you all a super day!

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37 thoughts on “Super Worm Moon

  1. Interesting. I never heard of a super worm moon. Beautiful pictures! I love those gleaming berries too!!!

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  2. Love your images, especially the header!

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  3. Pretty amazing. I looked at it last night too. 🙂

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  4. I wouldn’t have thought moonlight could show the berry colors. Wonderful.

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  5. Since I don´t drink alcohol anymore, I don´t howl at the full moon anymore 🙂
    Cheers !

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    • LOL! Too funny, but seriously, Hans, I heard a man do that once and he wasn’t being funny. He had serious head problems. It as kind of scary really and he was probably quite unhappy. I didn’t know until then, that anyone really did that. Good to know you’re behaving yourself.


  6. Well, you are a SUPER photographer. I love how I can see the red berry in your “moon shot.” Worm moon, huh? A bit … icky. We took our 7-year-old grandson out for lunch yesterday. Neville ordered the mac & cheese and French fries (lucky skinny kid can eat anything). But my guy told the waitress that our grandson really meant he wanted the special – fried worms. Neville just grinned but the waitress grimaced and replied grimly that she was new on the job, but didn’t think they served fried worms. Some people have no sense of humor! 🙂

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  7. Wow. I saw that moon last night but didn’t realize it was Super Moon March. I love how it lit up those berries on your tree. Great shot.

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  8. Really appreciated your devotion to photographing the Super Moon, Anneli, and your photos are grand. Uncanny how the berries were lit up. We’ve had a sunny, clear day, so I’m hoping the full moon tonight is visible. Thanks for giving us the heads-up, and for sharing this beautiful sight.

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  9. Interesting, and lovely photos!

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  10. Wow! these photos! These are gorgeous!

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  11. Thanks, Luanne. I just had a closer look at the moon photo and realized there is nothing green on that big rock. It would be so desolate to try to live there, and yet we gaze at the moon and associate it with romance! A pile of rubble is all it is!

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  12. Anneli, that is a very stunning photo of the moon on your holly berries. ❤

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  13. Wow! You captured it beautifully, Anneli ! It was cloudy here, so I couldn’t get a good photo. BTW, the full moon on October 31st is also a Blue Moon!

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