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Family Planning


Have I ever found a good tree for making a nuthatch nest in! Hydro poles don’t fall easily. Say, Martha, come check out the house I’m building for you.


I’ll just catch my breath before she comes. Don’t want her to think I can’t handle this job. Although it is a bugger to excavate all this wood to make a nice bedroom for the children.


Hmm … still a way to go. But she can help when she gets here. IF she gets here.


Where the heck IS she? I need her to help chip the hole deep, and also to put the resin on the inside of the entrance. Oh, I’ll do the outside, but she can do the inside.  That’ll discourage any other birds from bothering us. They don’t want to get sticky. And we’ll just slide through with our sleek bodies and we won’t even get any on us.


Hey, Martha! Bring that stick you found for smearing the resin droplets around. Hope she hurries up. I’m getting a bit frazzled from all this work. Having a bad hair day, too. Ah … here she comes.


Nathan, I thought you said it was ready for the resin! This is nowhere deep enough yet. We’ve got work to do!


Whaddaya mean, Martha. That is …  how many kids were you planning on having? … Martha? Where’d she go?


Maybe if I bring her a little treat from the feeder, she’ll get into a better mood. Just hope she doesn’t want ten kids.


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27 thoughts on “Family Planning

  1. OM Gosh, I love these photos and words, Anneli! You must have tons of patience to capture the fun photos of the bird in those positions. great post! 🥰 We don’t have a good name for those poles here like you do. Telephone Pole sounds dumb!

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    • We used to call them telephone poles, then hydro poles, but now they bring in everything – internet, power, phone access, and they provide bird houses at the same time. So glad you liked my nuthatches, John.


  2. Fun exchange between the nuthatches, Anneli, and fantastic photos. Nuthatches are delightful birds to watch, this event must’ve been wonderful.

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  3. Fun, fun, fun! 🙂

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  4. Anneli,
    Your true love of nature and animals show perfectly in your posts.
    Life is Good ! 🙂


  5. Thatˇs a Family planning! Nuthatches are so very sweet.

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  6. Where are they building that hole/nest? Is that a pole? A tree?

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  7. I hope Martha doesn’t hurt her bill!

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  8. I love your nuthatch story. And I love watching them. 🙂

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  9. Reading this put me in such a good mood! I love your nuthatch “relational” conversation. And the photos are marvelous! xo

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  10. Love the photos of the nuthatches. They are the cutest little birds and very interesting to watch. Thanks for sharing the pics and the cute story.

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  11. How cute! I love nuthatches. Wishing them a happy life in their new home, with however many kids they end up with 🙂

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  12. We don’t often see red breasted nuthatches here. Very nice!

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