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Six Years Old


I know you’ve seen these photos  before, but a puppy’s life in review doesn’t change. Emma’s photos look the same at 9 weeks as she did when I took them. I love how she laughs at the camera. Maybe that little finger of mine that looks like it’s missing is tickling her.

She wasn’t terribly interested in a stuffed toy unless I tried to take it away. That fuzzy bed I paid big bucks for – well … a week or so later, she had figured out how to take it apart and had the circular wall separated from the base. Guess she wanted to see how it was put together.

She was a sweet puppy, full of fun, and always up for a treat, as her fat little belly proves.

Soon she had learned to sit, come, and stay, and here she is saying, “Now I want you to take me seriously. Someday I’ll grow into these big mitts.”

“Somebody’s coming,” she tells the Captain.

When we go to Montana, she still follows Ruby’s lead and does as Ruby does. Which turned out to be a bit of a problem because she learned all of Ruby’s bad habits as well as the good ones.

She has taken over the couch when we are camping, while Ruby still stays on the floor (thank goodness).


Hats off to you, Emma. Happy birthday.


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44 thoughts on “Six Years Old

  1. Oh my gosh, she’s a beautiful girl, Anneli!! Big bright eyes and lovely fur. i want a hug!


  2. Emma is such a sweetheart! I love them both, but there is just a little something special about those beautiful eyes on Emma. Happy birthday Emma!!!

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  3. Isan’t she precious?! Happy Birthday, Emma! 🙂

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  4. Aw…happy birthday, Emma! What a sweet face! ❤

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  5. She is adorable. Wish I could give her a birthday hug in person. I miss my doggy snuggles.

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  6. She is so adorable and precious. She probably did want to see how the bed is made. She looks smart!

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  7. So sweet, little or all grown up.

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  8. What a sweet birthday tribute, Anneli. She’s adorable in all the photos, but that fourth photo with her puppy face looking up at the camera is really lovable. Nice to see you here too.

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  9. Happy Birthday! You are so adorable! 🙂

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  10. Happy Birthday sweet Emma! I must say, that Ruby is a very beautiful dog as well!

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  11. PS: I forgot to put my name and email-adress in

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  12. What a sweet pup! I hope she had a wonderful birthday…

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  13. She did, but I’m not sure she noticed because we spoil her a little bit every day.


  14. Happy Birthday, Emma! 🎈

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  15. What a sweet post, Anneli. A pick me up for these days of being sheltered. Thank God for dogs! ❤

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