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Old Slippers


Several years ago a good friend gave me a pair of brand new slippers for my birthday. I didn’t think I really needed slippers, but when I started wearing them, I thought, “Darn! These are comfortable.”

Over time I became attached to them, and Emma realized this. Now we had a competition over possession of the slippers.

I should have remembered what happened to my Birkenstocks when she was just a puppy and she ate the straps right out of one of them.

“Did I do good, MA? Huh? Huh?”


She has outgrown the chewing habit, but she still likes to take a little nibble if the flavour is especially good.

So if she only nibbles a bit, how did the slippers get like this?

Well, she knows I need my slippers in the morning, and when she wants me to get up, she brings ONE of them to the bedside. This may be after she has slept on it.

And who knows where the other one is?

So the conversation with the dog goes like this,” Thank you!” (which is what I have to say to make her give it up – she has me trained). Then I say, “Go get the other one.”

She runs around the house to wherever she left the slipper and brings it back to me.

Then she makes me beg for it and say, “Thank you!”

After five years of nibbling and fetching, my slippers have changed shape somewhat.

Do you think I need new slippers?

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49 thoughts on “Old Slippers

  1. Well trained doggie. Btw, we’ve never had that “shoe-problem” with our doggies.

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  2. OM Gosh, she’s sooo adorable!! Yes, you need a new pair but the new ones should be locked up in a safe! Why do I wanna call them House Shoes??

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  3. Such a sweet little pup, that Emma! Yes, I am not sure which one of you is the trainer or the trainee. What a wonderful story and photos too.

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  4. Oh that sweet face! Surely they are just wearing out. She’s protecting them for you. She would never chew them!

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  5. She’s a clever one. I could never figure out, what’s with dogs and slippers. 😏

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  6. I just love dogs. :). She is adorable and loves you so much!!

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  7. You might need some new ones. πŸ˜‰ None of my dogs ever did that.

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  8. And, whatΒ΄s wrong with them? Emma just made them to fit you perfect …

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  9. After five years, I think the slippers are holding up pretty well.

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  10. What’s the worth of a pair of slippers, compared to the happiness of a dog πŸ™‚

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  11. Oh nooo. Your favorites and they’re done for. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈWe’re lucky, neither of our dogs ever went for shoes. Your command to Emma reminded me of Max. Whenever we needed him to go get two of something (like tennis balls), we used to say “go get the other one,” and he’d go racing off to find it and bring it back.

    Piezon, on the other hand, used to pick things up and hand them to me when I dropped them. I’d say “oops,” and he’d come running to help out.

    It’s brutal being locked away without any dogs. I can’t even go up to dogs in the neighborhood when people walk them because of social distancing. 😞 Traveling was put on hold, and may be canceled altogether. I don’t know.

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    • It won’t be forever. I think it’s good to have pets during this time – for the most part – but they do tie you down. Everything you plan, you have to think about how the dogs will fit in. But we love them so we make our plans around them. You’ll have another dog when this is over, Lori, and times will be happier again.

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  12. Yes, time for new slippers, Anneli. But I’m sure the game of fetch will continue.
    And your slippers look like mine. Do you wear them outside, like I do? Or is it all the dog-attention that has them in tatters? Lol.

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    • I do wear them inside and out, just give the rubber soles a quick rinse, but I don’t wear them for working in the garden or “hard wear” kind of jobs – only for taking the dogs out to do their business in the backyard – that kind of thing. The wear and tear on them is mostly due to Emma’s attentions when she was little, and then a bit of “fetching wear.” She’s not a chewer anymore, but she sure was when she was little. The trouble is that these slippers are so comfortable I don’t want to give them up. I even considered taking a big needle and sewing them back together if they started to fall off my feet! It’s not like I can’t afford new slippers, but where would I find another pair like this?!;-)

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  13. Where’s the button to click for I LOVE this? She’s so smart!!

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  14. this just popped up as a suggested post on wordpress and I had to come look because your dog looks just like my dog, except mine doesn’t have a white spot on her nose. It was so uncanny I showed my family and they were all surprised. Our dog is a cockapoo/shetland sheepdog mix and so far she hasn’t chewed any slippers.

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  15. She’s so cute. Those slippers still look pretty comfy. No wonder you both like them so much.

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  16. Wow! I would say good job, but that was near destruction!

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