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Pink Snow


Photo by P. Gerrie


It’s early May, or so they say,

The wind and rain’s like autumn.

The cherry tree sets blossoms free

That cover all the bottom.


The grass was green, but as you’ve seen

It looks like snow has fallen

The petals pink are fine, I think,

They tell me spring is calling.


Author: wordsfromanneli

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43 thoughts on “Pink Snow

  1. A beautiful sight! 🥰😎🇨🇦

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  2. No!! No snow!
    Oh … just some cute petals. 😉

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  3. Lovely- though I 1000% actually thought it was snow for the first 3/4 of that post!

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  4. Really lovely “snow”! 🙂

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  5. That is beautiful. I think I have that tree in my front yard. but it doesn’t shed as much.

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  6. I’m smiling as I type, Anneli. Your poem was truly fun and spirited, and goes well with P. Gerrie’s wonderful photo. I love it when spring blossoms or flower petals decorate the ground. Great post!

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  7. Lots of pink snow here too!

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  8. Sure looks like spring, sounds chilly though. Things are slower to start here but there are more flowers and buds every day.

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  9. Nice to see pink snow. We don’t have any of that kind here. Cute poem, too.

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  10. Just beautiful and what a welcome sight for you! Our floral carpets in AZ are yellow!

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  11. I love blooming cherry trees (who doesn´t). Lovely picture and poem!

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  12. Many years ago ( 70´s ) I was lucky enough to spend a few days during the short cherry blossom season in Hamburg, where I enjoyed the Japanese “Hanami” celebration of the many Japanese Immigrants of Hamburg at the time.
    A few years later I enjoyed the same in Kobe, Japan.
    Now, at my new home in Germany, there is a huge cherry tree just outside my entrance door, which last spring produced an enormous amount of cherries, and just last week, an abundance of beautiful cherry blossoms 🙂
    Isn´t it a shame that most folks these days pass these marvels of nature without the knowledge and/or appreciation 😦
    Life is Good AND beautiful 🙂
    (I was going to upload a pic, but with this template that dis not allowed) 😦
    Cheers !

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  13. Lovely pink poem. My grandson gets pink petal showers in Portland. And I have to be careful where I park, or my car is buried. Love it.

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  14. Anneli, this is so beautiful! ❤

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  15. Pink stardust – the definition of ‘pretty’ 🙂

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  16. hi Anneli,wollt mich nur kurz erkundigen, wie es euch in dieser Zeit geht?Danke für deine Kurzberichte und Bilder. Lese diese von Zeit zu Zeit sehr gerne👍😄Die Beschränkungen lockern sich hier langsam. Wie das beruflich ausgeht werden wir noch sehen.Liebe Grüße und bleibt gesundSepp & GabyVon meinem Samsung Galaxy Smartphone gesendet.

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