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Quick Like a Bunny


M-m-m! These tall grasses smell delicious!
Oooh! Yummy! They are exquisite.
I wonder if I should turn on the tap and give the grasses a drink of water to make them grow.
This long stem is so good, and it gets better the closer I nibble it to the top. Hahaha! I could come to a seedy end!
Uh-oh! Did I hear the backyard supervisors? Those dogs are F-A-S-T! At least, the little black one is. The other one is getting pretty old (thank goodness)!
I’m just going to hide here for a minute. If I stand straight, I’ll look like part of the pipe. I think I’m slim enough, don’t you?
On second thought, maybe I should crouch down and hold still. This is when I wish my ears weren’t so long.
Just to be on the safe side I think I’ll skedaddle, quick like a bunny, until the coast is clear.

I found some grass with flavour grand,

Beside the tap and in the sand,

I nibbled it and loved the taste,

I could not let it go to waste,

But then I heard a vicious dog,

My eyes bugged out, I stared agog,

I tried to hide but then I thought,

This battle’s one that can’t be fought,

The dog has biting teeth and jaws,

I sure don’t want to give her cause

To bite my soft brown bunny fur,

I’d rather run away from her.

I’ll come back later, in the night,

When she is sleeping curled up tight.

And then I’ll munch and lunch till dawn

Cause I am safe while sun is gone.

But, oh, what is that hooting sound?

I think I’d best not stick around.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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51 thoughts on “Quick Like a Bunny

  1. This is so wonderful, Anneli! Bunnie love. 😊

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  2. Delightful poem! I enjoyed the images in the words.

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  3. Those bunny photos are adorable and I love your poem! Great capture of the owl, too. πŸ™‚

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    • The rabbit photo was from my deck using the zoom lens so he’s a bit fuzzy around the edges, and the owl was from a trip to Montana when this bird doubled back to have a second look at our little English cocker who was only about 6 months old. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been quick enough to get the photo. Thanks for reading, Lynette. Have a great weekend.

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  4. Super sweet and wonderful!

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  5. Its so lovely to have those little creatures coming to your garden. I love bunnies! Very good pictures and a nice poem!

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  6. He sure looks curious! Sadly, with all of the coyotes in our neighborhood, I’ve yet to see one bunny.

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    • It’s cyclic here with the rabbits. They reproduce and are everywhere; the owls show up in our firs; the rabbit population goes down; the owls move on; two new rabbits move in; the cycle starts all over again. No coyotes close to us, but the owls do the job.


  7. How did you ever get those pictures! I pass a rabbit family on my dog walking route and they always race away from me. I’m jealous, Anneli.

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  8. Love your bunny photos and the poem. We have lots of bunnies around here as well, but unfortunately the majority of them are domestics that have been abandoned. The majority of them are black and some are black and white. Such sweet little things, until they eat your garden. I’ve put lots of mesh around my yard now (in the back) and they don’t seem to get in at all.

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  9. You are so good at this Anneli. Capturing the right moments and weaving them into such a beautiful story that it is hard to imagine the bunny could be doing or thinking anything else but what you have written.
    I so look forward to reading it.

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  10. Huge smile as the story you told was great, but also just using that phrase – I can hear Ma saying to us kids, “Now go do X,Y,Z. Quick like a bunny!”
    And then I remember saying the same to my own kiddos…
    Thanks, Anneli

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  11. A treat for the end of my day! Thank you, Anneli!

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  12. Beautiful little bunny story! And the owl photo at the end is amazing! I love owls.

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  13. Who doesn’t love bunnies? The photo of the owl is amazing. And your poem made me smile. Thanks, Anneli.

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  14. Your yard is so full of wildlife. Now Peter and Wol.

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  15. These little guys sure have a tough time of it. I know gardeners aren’t crazy about rabbits but they sure are cute!

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  16. How cute!!! Rabbits are so adorable. What kind of rabbit is this? I’ve never seen one with red on it like that.


  17. Very cute and no doubt very hungry! Interesting to see it; it’s the familiar (to me) European rabbit. Is their introduction fairly recent? I don’t remember seeing any when I was on the island but maybe they just hadn’t got that far north.

    Although widely introduced around the world, the European rabbit is an endangered species in its native Spain. Its decline has also threatened the Iberian lynx, the world’s rarest big cat, along with the imperial eagle. There’s a lot of conservation work going on. In England, they were introduced by the Romans but have become naturalised over time, and some of our ecosystems are quite dependent on them now.

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    • Thanks for all that good info, Adele. It’s something most of us don’t think about, how the species of animals are all interconnected and dependent on each other for survival. The European rabbits (or a variation thereof) have been a “pest” here for at least 30 years and possibly more, but in our area (central Vancouver Island) they feed the owls. We notice the number of owls in the area is directly related to the number of rabbits.

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  18. Your pictures and poem are great, Anneli! We have Jack Rabbits here, and they would have to hide in really tall grass to hide their ears! πŸ˜‰

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  19. Thanks, Patsy. We have only the common European rabbits (even though we’re not in Europe), but they’re bad enough with all the damage they do to the grass, digging holes everywhere and the damage to the veggie garden. The little ones can get right through the 2-inch squares of the stucco wire I used for my garden fence. My only hope is that one day they’ll have eaten so much that they can’t get out of the garden. Hmm…. I just realized that’s not really where I want them to be. Maybe if they could discover they’re too fat, it should happen while they’re outside the fence.


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