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The Chinwag


Sometimes it takes only a simple thing to feel like you’ve just had a shot of Vitamin B12.

Yesterday I sat on a bench looking at this scene. I took a picture and thought, “Somewhere over there is my house. If I didn’t know there was a river on the far side of this mud flat, I might try walking across Comox Bay.” When I got home and uploaded the photo, I zoomed in and could almost see my house. I could see the workshop in the backyard and the tree that is in the farthest corner of the yard. I drew an arrow in the photo to show where that tree is, right in a gap between the treed area.

Having a sandwich and a chinwag with a friend was a simple way to pass some time but it was great medicine after not seeing friends for a long time, and not having much of a social life except for calling to people at a distance. We sat on opposite ends of a bench and caught up on news of the past weeks. Then we both went home refreshed, having had a change of scene.

I realized then how much I had missed seeing my friends, and how much I still miss seeing some who can’t get out for a while like I did.

The effects of the pandemic are the same for all of us in some ways, but different for others.  What changes do you find most difficult at this time? How do you cope?

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35 thoughts on “The Chinwag

  1. Wow, that’s a very long way away! You’ve got great eyes, Anneli. I had to look up the word Chinwag, you had a nice chat!

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  2. I always like seeing my home from a distance, I guess it’s the perspective. I think we’re all seeing during Covid times how important it is to connect with our fellow humans–friends, loved ones, acquaintances or strangers. We are a social species. Lovely post, Anneli.

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  3. It sounds like a fine way to while away the time in a pretty setting. Being able to catch up a bit with friends does work wonders.

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  4. That is beautiful, restful, and restorative. I love it, Anneli.

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  5. I’m glad you got together with your friend, Anneli. I haven’t seen my parents since March 13th…it’s been really hard. By the way, you must have been a hawk in another life…I could hardly see the arrow.

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  6. I have had to work a lot and also haven’t seen friends. Lots of calls though. 🙂

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  7. So happy to hear you had a few hours to spend with your friend, away from the usual confines of the house. You have had a lot of demands on you lately, in a good way I suppose, but it is so important to take some time for yourself as well. Great photo too!

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  8. I did this recently with two dear friends and yes, it was wonderful to see them again albeit at a safe distance…we supported a local coffee shop and did take-out, searching for expensive real estate – an empty bench or picnic table!
    Your lovely photo makes one want to take a deep breath and exhale without worry…

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  9. You live in such a pretty place, Anneli. I miss the friendship through yoga and work-out classes. I hope by the fall things will be back to “normal”.

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  10. Vancouver Island, as you might know, has had very few cases compared to almost anywhere else. We have been fortunate. I’ve had several visits with friends and family on various decks and patios. As long as the rules are followed, these are permissible, so I’ve taken advantage of it. This has been a very difficult time for us all.

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    • That’s right, Diane. We’ve been very lucky compared to many other regions. Still, it has forced us to make major changes. I like the idea of deck and patio visits while keeping a distance. I think some of the seniors’ residences have been hardest hit where they can’t even eat in their dining rooms but have to eat a box lunch alone in their rooms – and this has been going on for many weeks now. Lots of depression there.


  11. What a beautiful spot, Anneli, to sit, to live, and to meet a friend. I miss people too, face to face communication, even though I thought I wouldn’t since I’m a terrible hermit. I’d love to hear some laughter.

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  12. Oh my,
    That beautiful landscape 🙂
    Life is Good !

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  13. It must be especially hard for people which have to live in a small flat, sometimes without even having a balcony! We are so lucky to live in the nature, having a big house and a garden. So for us nothing much has changed since we don´t go out with other people anyway. The only friends we have are living in Prague and we don´t see them much anyway. Your photo shows what a peacful place this is and how good it was to meet a friend to have a good chat.

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  14. I definitely miss the social interaction with others. Being in our sixties, my wife and I have chosen to be cautious with our movements. We limit our trips and practice social distancing. Thankfully, I can experience nature with my nearly daily walks, which bring much needed peace and nourishment to my soul.

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    • It sure helps if you don’t have to stay inside and look at four walls. We can see people at a distance but we need to be closer for that warm and fuzzy feeling, and that’s missing these days. You can see how many people are choosing to act out their frustrations with the rioting and bizarre behaviour. I hope we can all get back to normal soon.


  15. You have a lovely backdrop to your house!

    I’m glad that you were able to catch up with your friend. It’s hard to think of a single event since WWII which has disrupted the lives and hopes of so many people. I wonder how we would have coped without the internet?

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    • I do like living near the water. And as to your comment on the magnitude of the disruption this virus has caused, it just blows me away that this is really happening, worldwide. Without the Internet, I think I would have coped by reading a book or writing another one, but no doubt, the Internet has made things so much easier in many ways. Unfortunately there is also the flip side. Some people have used it to organize anarchy in the guise of doing good deeds, so I suppose it balances itself out. Ha ha, I just realized I used an oxymoron (organize anarchy).

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