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For at least a week I heard this red-shafted flicker pecking at something. I thought he must have found his favourite fir tree. Finally, camera in hand, I went looking for him and zeroed in on the sound. Here is where I found him, on the wall of an empty house.  I zoomed in from afar to see what he was up to.  It seems that the siding of a house was more appealing to him than any of the many trees surrounding it. Why is  he so determined to peck through this siding? Apparently he prefers the density of cedar to fir but flickers don’t eat wood, so he must be after something else.

If you look closely to his left, you can see a patch from where he made a hole last year. Above and below him also on the left are patched places where he had picked at the edges of the wood.  There must be something very tasty inside those walls. Maybe a delicious lunch awaits him.


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27 thoughts on “Persistence

  1. Yes, he definitely is persistent. If I owned that house, I would be trying to find out what tasty critters are inside my walls!

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  2. The bird needs therapy. 😊

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  3. And what if he tries hard to build a nest?

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  4. Very odd behaviour indeed!

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  5. Nature never ceases to amaze me!

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  6. As the owner of a wooden house let me just say: “that’s a bad Flicker- knock it off!”

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  7. That is really interesting. What is the little guy after? I may have to google this.

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  8. Persistent guy, isn’t he?

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  9. That raises all kinds of questions about how woodpeckers can discern that wood has invertebrate issues. Well, having googled it, the internet thinks that they listen for sounds of bugs inside the wood. They must have great hearing as well as incredibly tough skulls.

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  10. There must be delicious bugs in there!

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  11. There very well could be!


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