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Getting Ready


See those messy leaves on the grass? Lincoln is to blame for that. He’s been carousing around in the filbert trees, stealing the nuts, just like he did last year. He doesn’t care if the leaves fall because some of the nuts do too.

He’s up in the tree, but thinks no one knows. I see him though, where the nine would be, if you imagined a clock on this picture. See him?

Here’s a blurry close up, but he’s in there.

He’s been bringing the filberts over to the woodshed and stashing them under those long landscape ties stacked up at the left of the shed. Later, he brings them out one by one and peels the husks, sometimes hiding just below where those three floats are hanging.

That’s a lot of peeling, Lincoln.

“You’re telling me!” he says with his mouth full.

But look,” he says. “Look how pretty they are once they’re peeled. Ready for the table some cold winter evening.”

“Now, to find a place to hide them until I need them. Nice of them to leave the ladder for me, but I can climb trees without them. And anyway, I’m looking for someplace on the ground to bury them. Oh! I see a place right at the bottom of this stump.”

“Nice soft dirt for digging. Close to the woodshed. And I won’t forget where they are because the stump is there.”

“Wanna see me do the Super Dig? Watch this short video, starring yours truly, Lincoln. I’m better with music, but the crickets are doing their best to accompany my digging dance. So when the winter weather comes, I’ll know where to get a snack. Then I’ll take a filbert or two to my cozy bed deep in the wood shed and sit back with my Kindle and read some of Anneli’s novels. You can check them out by clicking on their covers at the side of the page, or by going to her website.”


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37 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Lincoln certainly has a great home with you, Anneli. And, he’s a star. πŸ™‚

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  2. It is so cute to watch him digging. He wonΒ΄t go hungry at your place during the Winter.

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    • I’ve been trying to leave a reply and click on the Like button but it wasn’t working for a while. I hope this time it’s good. Thanks for visiting Lincoln and watching him dig, Ursula. Don’t you wish we could train him to dig up our potatoes or turn over the soil in the spring?


  3. Looks like Lincoln will stay well fed though the winter. Have a nice weekend, Anneli.

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  4. Cute narrative, Anneli. Love the video of Lincoln hard at work burying the nuts.

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  5. Fantastic story, squirrel-y science documentary, and even marketing hook! Anneli, you’re really quite the Renaissance woman!

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  6. Such fun photos and video, Anneli! He’s so cute going about his business!! πŸ₯° The header image is beautiful. 😊

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  7. Busy burying. Were you close to Lincoln when you videoed, or were you far away and zoomed in? Will he be in the way when you need to get wood over the winter?

    On an unrelated note, I responded to your comment on facebook. I know you don’t spend much time there, so I mention it cause I’d love for you to read it (we are on the same page).

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    • I would guess I was about fifty to seventy feet away, zoomed in. And no, he won’t be in the way. We have so much wood stacked in the wood shed that he can easily move out of the way and find another spot to make cozy if we get near to him. We must have about three years’ worth of wood in there so we won’t be bothering Lincoln. I’ve commented on your fb page. Forgot to check until you mentioned it.

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  8. He is an industrious critter, that Lincoln. I watched his entire video–twice! As for the time–if you’d showed me a shadow (and told me your exact latitude/longitude), I might have been able to figure out 3 pm. Though I’m not terribly good at that stuff.

    More videos!

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    • LOL It wasn’t the time. I guess I didn’t explain it right. I meant that if there were a clock face placed over the tree in the photo, he would be where the 3 is in the clock face. But OMG! I just realized I got it backwards. I meant to say the 9. I will change it in the text now. Wow! Can’t believe I did that. And I’m not dyslexic. Or am I? Nothing wrong with you, Jacqui. It’s my poor instructions. Still can’t believe it. 9 o’clock! 9!9!9!!!!

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  9. You might want our deer: they eat all those messy leaves. πŸ˜‰
    Have a great weekend,

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  10. Filberts for the picking! Lincoln has a lot to do before the cold sets in. I do enjoy his adventures. 😊

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  11. Nice to see Lincoln in action! He is such a hard little worker, and so handsome too! The video is really very entertaining. Thanks for the cute little story.

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    • He always provides me with something interesting. The other day I was in the front yard when I noticed him high up in a fir tree. I said hello to him and he came down the fir to the last branch, ran along it and across to the walnut tree where I was standing and then stopped about 6 feet away (social distancing). I was just blown away. It was like he came down to say hello to me.


  12. What a sweetie and so fun to watch, he makes me want to tuck away some goodies for winter, too!

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  13. Who doesn’t love Lincoln? So fun to see him hard at work, Anneli.

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  14. In the first photo Lincoln has the look of someone who just got caught. He sure is a busy worker. πŸ™‚

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