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Finicky Finch


This female house finch has just had a bath and is now looking for a snack on my brussels sprouts plants.

These tasty sprouts are still so small,

That’s not much food for me at all,

To peck them isn’t worth the work,

I’ll have to find some other perk.

So many pairs of pears I see,

Too many hanging in one tree,

Too big for tiny little finches,

I’d get fat and put on inches.

The sunflower seeds will soon be ripe

And then I’ll have no cause to gripe,

They are my favourite snacking food,

To nibble them improves my mood.

Author: wordsfromanneli

Writing, travel, photography, nature, more writing....

49 thoughts on “Finicky Finch

  1. I love this, so sweet! Fruit included, the bird is beautiful, Anneli. 🥰

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  2. Love this. And your words are beautiful Anneli 🙂

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  3. What a lovely post! I really enjoyed it. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Lynette! Is there any way you can set up your blog to notify your followers by email? I clicked to follow you and never got any notifications and then one day I saw your post in my reader (which I rarely use), and I realized (I think) that this is why I haven’t been seeing your posts. (I had to re-do this comment. I didn’t go where I wanted it to go.

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  4. Beautiful pears, and sunflowers and also the little “piepmatz” is so pretty and your little poem fits in so nicely,

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  5. Cute. Finches putting on inches…they should definitely steer clear of eating pears until they’re going for the Katmai bear approach to dieting!

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  6. Sweet post, Anneli. I’ve always loved sunflowers.

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  7. Such a sweet little finch. I also love to listen to their conversations. Your garden looks amazing! Wow.

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  8. I see that little guy flitting around, Anneli. Glad he found just the right food.

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  9. I knew the Finch wasn’t a vegetarian! 😀

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  10. The finches on my bird feeder (sunflower & safflower seed mix) don’t ever seem to get full. They’re on there for long periods of time pecking and cracking shells.

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  11. That finch has choices 😊. Is that your beautiful pear tree?

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  12. I loved this post, Anneli. The rhymes are perfect and the photos delightful. 🙂 You have a lovely garden. I hope the finch won’t have to wait too long for his meal of sunflower seeds. Nature sure is miraculous. ❤

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  13. Pretty sunflowers and a delightful poem to match!

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  14. All those choices! What’s a finch to do? 🙂 Great photos, Anneli.

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  15. Love this perky bird and the poem fits perfectly.

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  16. I got such a kick out of your poem, Anneli. Gave me a big smile. Factual, too, the seeds are a finch’s #1 choice. The brussels sprouts are beautiful and the “pairs” are heavenly looking. Such a fun post, thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

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  17. Your photography is so amazing, and the poetry absolutely charming. 🙂
    Are those your sunflowers? they are full of sunlight power. xoxo

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