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Lincoln’s Owie


I’m sometimes surprised by what I see after I upload photos – things I can’t see without the benefit of the zoom lens. Today I noticed that Lincoln was holding up his left arm in many of the photos I took of him.

I went back outside to see if I could get some better closeups and see if he had a hurt arm.

In the meantime he had gone to the filbert tree to help himself to more nuts and shortly after I snapped a picture of him in the woodshed with his stolen lunch, my camera’s battery went dead. But here is what I saw on the photo I managed to get.

Does it look to you like he has swollen pads on his left hand? Could it be that he got a yellow jacket sting? These wasps are everywhere just now, gorging on overripe plums that have fallen from the trees.

If that’s what it was, he will probably feel better in a day or two, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down his theft of the filberts.

Lincoln hurt his little hand,

A wasp was hidden in the sand,

As he ran across the lawn,

Lincoln’s peaceful day was gone.

Zap! The wasp attacked his palm,

Lincoln chattered, no more calm,

Darn that stings, it downright pains,

Setting back his daytime gains.

He had much more work to do,

Stashing food away for two.

Girlfriend Della to impress,

Winter stores must be the best.

Swollen hand, he just can’t stop,

Has to harvest this big crop,

While it lasts with food to find,

Late in winter, he won’t mind.

Anne-li tells him, worry not,

See the owie that she got,

Clearing thorny berry vines,

Wasps hid there, she heard their whines.

Out they came from bushes thick,

Stings of fire and very quick,

Near the eye and on the thigh,

Almost made this grown girl cry.

Sorry for your owie, Lincoln,

Tears of pain you’re surely blinkin’,

But tomorrow you’ll feel fine,

And on filberts you will dine.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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38 thoughts on “Lincoln’s Owie

  1. I love your poem, Anneli! One of two pads I can see does look much darker, maybe a bit larger too. If it is a sting, he should be good soon! So cute! πŸ₯°

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  2. Sending him a kiss to make it all better.

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  3. Aww! There are tons of them here too and I’m allergic!!

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  4. Awww, poor Lincoln! I do think that his left hand looks swollen. Poor little guy; I hope he feels better soon.

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  5. Hopefully it’s just a sting that will heal.

    This may be an odd thing to write in a comment . . . or odd just in general, but here goes….

    For some odd reason, I’ve dreamed about you the last two nights in a row!! I felt like I actually spent time with you in person both times I woke up. We’re going to have to exchange phone numbers one of these days soon. I usually dream about people that I feel a kindred connection with.

    Have a nice weekend. Hope I didn’t spook you too much. 😨😁

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  6. Poor little Lincoln. I hope he feels back to 100% very soon. Such a handsome fellow, isn’t he?

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  7. I hope Lincoln will be okay very quick, poor little pretty guy! I love your poem!

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  8. Ouch. Hopefully it’ll clear up soon. My dog’s been stung by wasps before now.

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    • Our little black dog, Emma, got a hornet sting last year. Her muzzle and her eye swelled up so she looked like she had a golf ball over her eye. We had to take her to the vet for a shot of something – I can’t remember what it was – adrenaline and a steroid, I think, but I’m not sure. Whatever it was, it really worked quickly to help her out of distress,


  9. I hope it’s nothing serious.

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  10. Poor little guy. They’re everywhere right now.

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  11. I think you are right. Lincoln’s swollen paw looks like a bee or wasp sting. If he is still foraging for food and moving around, he should be fine in a day or two.

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  12. Poor Lincoln. And poor you getting stung also! I am very allergic to wasps so a sting would not be a small matter. I hope you are recovered and I certainly hope Lincoln can continue to get into mischief every day. Your poem is absolutely delightful. 🧑

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  13. Your poem is awesome! Your words capture the essence of Lincoln’s owie and his busy life this time of the year.

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  14. Poor little Lincoln. I hope he feels better soon. Great photos!

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  15. Poor thing! He does look like he has a swollen paw!

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