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Remote Control – Not the Kind You’d Like


Stuck in a remote cove on the BC coast where Robert, her handsome new husband, had a cabin tucked away, Andrea had no connection to the life she’d left behind. Her family and friends had no idea that she was a prisoner in this isolated place. No phone, no radio, no other people, no one except Robert, and he was getting more psychotic every day.

Young and pretty, Andrea had come out west for adventure, leaving her family in Ontario. Her new West Coast friends had warned her to be careful of Robert, that he had some strange behaviours. But Andrea found this commercial fisherman charming. He swept her off her feet.

Bit by bit, he charmed her into a rushed marriage, and then, bit by bit, his true nature came out.

The cabin was remote and he had control.

Andrea soon had reason to fear for her life.  She had to get away, or die.  A strong, experienced woodsman would find escape from this place challenging, whether by land or by sea. Certainly, it was daunting for a naive city girl. The woods were home to cougars, bears, and wolves, and what if she got lost?  But desperation gave her courage. She would rather die trying to escape than to risk another day with Robert.


You can read about Andrea’s story in Book One, The Wind Weeps, on sale for only $.99 on amazon now.


Book Two, Reckoning Tide, is the sequel, available on amazon for only $2.94.

Why not give yourself a treat? Give your e-reader a workout.

If you don’t have a Kindle you can always order the books at smashwords.com.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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28 thoughts on “Remote Control – Not the Kind You’d Like

  1. Well that sounds wonderful! And scary.

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  2. As I was reading I thought, sounds pretty realistic, and then I read your comment saying that it’s based on a true story. There ARE more cases of this than anyone would think.

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  3. Sadly, this scenario is more common than we would like to think.

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  4. This is a fantastic story. I loved it and couldn’t put the book down until I was done. So well written and has moments of romance (at least at the start), intrigue, terror and excitement. You will not regret reading this book.

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  5. That was the most exciting book I´ve ever read!


  6. Sounds like a real page-turner, Anneli. Congratulations on writing and publishing both of these novels, and I’m hoping for success not only for you, but for Andrea as well.

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    • Thanks, Jet. I enjoyed writing these two books and was glad to have the Captain around to correct the “lingo” when I called a line a rope or some other term that wasn’t right for the situation. Without that help I would have had to refer to a lot of boating terms as “thingees” (LOL).

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  7. Anneli, there is a kindle app for other devises. I have downloaded many Kindle books on my iPad.

    When The Wind Weeps came out I wrote a review on Amazon. Part of the review said this:
    The setting is exquisite, wild and beautiful and the author has the talent to create vivid, emotional images.
    Parallel to Andrea’s attempts to redefine a life for herself Anneli Purchase deals with the emotional consequences of abuse that linger on future relationships. The main character, Andrea is a sweetheart but she is also affected by the complexities of abuse and its consequences on her romantic relationships.
    I had found the book riveting and now I am eager to read Anneli’s latest. Congratulations, Anneli. ❤
    This is a story about survival: physical survival, moral survival and survival of the soul.

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    • Thank you very much for this, Carol. I didn’t know that other devices could download Kindle files. That’s great to hear. And of course there is nothing an author loves to hear more than a great review. I appreciate that so much! I tried to make Andrea special while at the same time making her like any woman anywhere. I always wondered why women get themselves into abusive relationships and in this book I tried to show how easily we can be fooled and then it’s too late … or is it?

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  8. This sounds like a wonderful thriller!

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  9. Congrats, Anneli! I love LOVE the covers and picked up the first book. The story sounds thrilling and I can’t wait to read. (My TBR is overloaded, but I’m giving myself a reading challenge and hope to get to it soon.)

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