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Smoke from California wildfires is back again. This is the sun in the late afternoon.

Hours later, I saw the full moon rise, looking just as red.

I didn’t know whether to open or close the sliding glass door for the night, but decided on a compromise, half open.

Once the moon was gone, the household was asleep in pitch dark. Emma’s sudden sharp barking had me leaping out of bed. After shushing her, I stood by the open deck door, listening. Scritchety-scratch, scrabbling came from the nearby fir trees. I got the flashlight out and discovered the prowlers. Two of them!

They weren’t shy. I know they’ve been here before. This time they were after the hazelnuts that Lincoln hadn’t managed to steal yet. The Captain held the light while I snapped the picture.

In the morning I found new holes dug in the grass. I felt guilty about having accused the rabbits of making those holes a few weeks ago, but maybe they were all guilty of having digging parties. Not sure what they were digging for, but they could get jobs on an open-pit mine site.

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42 thoughts on “Prowlers

  1. The smoke is really unhealthy. I would shut all the doors and windows and run a clean air machine! Gorgeous photos though! πŸ™‚

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  2. Great photography Anneli. It was bright last night from the large moon. Raccoons are digging for June bugs that are burrowed into the ground. The raccoons can get very ambitious, with the lawn full of torn up holes.

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  3. We had the same lighting conditions here, down island from you. Fortunately, the smoke is staying in the upper atmosphere and not even close to the ground level. Love your photos, especially of the prowler.

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  4. Skunks and raccoons will both dig for bugs in your lawn.
    I love your photos. Sorry to hear about the smoke. Those wildfires in California don’t seem to be slowing down.

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  5. l would not open a window through the night when there is still smoke, this is really unhealthy! ItΒ΄s good to hear that the racoons are good for at least some thing. Very good pictures!

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    • Yes, I know you’re right, but then it gets stuffy in the room. It’s hard to know which is worse. I’m hoping it won’t last as long this time but I see the smoky haze all over the valley again this morning.


  6. Poor little rabbits get blamed for everything. πŸ™‚ A couple of winters ago, I had to stop putting suet blocks out for the birds because the racoons would open the cage and steal the entire block! I caught a few in the act. Sorry about the smoke…stay safe!

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    • We had the same experience a few years ago. I don’t like having the raccoons around because I worry about the dogs getting into a tangle with them and those raccoons can be very vicious, especially if cornered.


  7. Anneli, your photos are always so enjoyable and heartwarming. Have a great weekend. ❀

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  8. Wow, it looks really dark with the sun out due to that smoke. We had some hazy smoke with a pink sun for a couple of days, but nothing like you’re experiencing.

    My dad’s wife feeds ALL the wildlife on the 16 acres where they live. Deer, raccoons, woodchucks, fox, and even the skunks! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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  9. The smoke is awful, but makes for red vibrant sun and moon. My family and friends in the SF Bay Area have been experiencing awful harmful smoke that makes the air quality dangerous. What a horrible fire season it’s been.
    On the more fun side, “your” raccoon looks mighty healthy and happy. She must be a lover of those digging parties. .

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    • Yes, the raccoons seem to be well fed these days. So many fruit and nuts trees around. The smoke really is terrible to breathe, but now that you’ve mentioned SF, I should be quiet. I’m sure they have it much worse down there (although I can’t imagine how hard it would be to breathe)! This is bad enough.


  10. Nice photos, Anneli. The smoke contributes to some dramatic shots. Cute raccoon, too bad they can be destructive.

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    • The particles trap the colour somehow. And yes, I wish I didn’t have to worry about the dogs with the raccoons. It’s a worry when I let them out for last call at night. I always put them on a leash (even though our yard is fenced) because of the raccoon.

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  11. That smoke is awful though it does make for spooky photos. And raccoons can be such trouble-makers. We get yard holes but they’re from our giant moles. *Sigh* I hope your air clears soon.

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  12. Awful smoke, beautiful photos, and naughty prowlers.

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  13. Those fires must be such a worry. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with such awful air. I feel for all the poor wildlife and nature too. I’m glad you have a few little ‘friends’ in your garden who are staying safe…even if they are being a bit of a nuisance!!

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