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The Over-achiever



Big Egg and Little Eggie

“You know Eggie, it’s not over-easy to be big. I was brought into this world the same day as you were, and right away, people had a lot of eggspectations from me. My mother, obviously, was an over-achiever. Had to be, just to lay me in the nesting bock-bock-bocks.”

“Right Big Egg, I’m sure she had to eggsert herself to squeeze you out without scrambling you.”

“Yes, she must have tried eggstra hard to lay me without having an eggsident. I remember hearing the other hens clucking around her at the birthing. What a hen party that was! “Push! Push!” they clucked, egging her on, and eggs-horting her to try harder, and the whole time she was in eggstreme pain. The yolk was on them though, because I came out big and beautiful. But it was really oval the way they teased her about having such a big baby.”

“‘And look how green his face is,’ they jeered. ‘Must have been in the womb too long before he got air.'”

“‘Hah!’ snorted my aunt Penny. You remember Henny Penny? Well, she said, ‘It was probably the air in this henhouse that turned his face green.’ That nearly cracked me up, but I have to eggree with her. It is pretty hummy in there. So green I am, and green I shell stay. Still, I’d like to add that I’m eggcited to be here.”

“But you think your life is hardboiled already? What if you were eggstra small like me? I’m just a shell of a man. It’s hardly worth adding me to a cake or an omelette. I’ll always be the odd man out; an unnecessary eggstra.”

“Oh I have an easy shellution. Your size will come in hendy. You are the perfeggt size for a special eggcasion. Before an opera singer goes on stage, she has a glass of wine with a raw egg in it. She doesn’t want it to be so big that she geggs on it, so a tiny tot like you, for eggsample, would be perfeggt.”

“Okay, so my problem is solved. What about you though? You will have to be an over-achiever like your mother. That will not be a sunny-side up road for you to follow.”

“Not to worry, Eggie. I have a secret helper. I’m really a twin and life will be fine, like two eggs, over easy. Those hens that laughed at me for being big don’t know it yet but the yolks are on them.”


 If you have not visited Carol Balawyder’s post, please do. She has kindly featured my novel Reckoning Tide, the sequel to The Wind Weeps. Visit Carol’s blog here.

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32 thoughts on “The Over-achiever

  1. It must have been egg-stra difficult to pop that egg out! Why is it so big? 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel sorry for the mother hen! I think sometimes the first few eggs they lay are odd sizes, until they sort themselves into separate eggs rather than double yolks. I could be wrong, but that’s my guess.


  2. That is a big egg! My mom raised hens and occasionally she would get a big egg like that. Like people, some are just bigger than others. 🙂

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  3. Poor hen! But sometimes small eggs have larger yolks than large ones.

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  4. That’s a whopper! Could be a triple yolk.

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  5. Love the eggy puns and play on words in this read, Anneli.

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  6. Oh, my! Love all your puns!

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  7. Anneli, this is such a clever post. So much fun to read 🙂
    Also thank you for mentioning my blog. ❤ I so appreciate it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I just finished your page-turner book, Warning Signs. Great job! I’ll be posting a review in the next days as soon as I finish writing it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you so much, Anneli! ❤

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        • Did you know that your re-blog of Warning Signs didn’t show up?

          Liked by 1 person

          • Oh, Anneli, I am having so many problems with this reblog. Somehow it seems to show up now. Let me know if it does. ❤

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            • Yes, I’ve got it now. I’m only sorry I lost that long comment I made before it went “Oops!” But that’s okay. I’m glad you’ve got it working. And thanks for the boost with the Anneli’s Place blog. I haven’t used it much lately and haven’t built up my following yet, so every bit of attention helps. Meanwhile I hope people are flocking to buy your book. It’s great entertainment as a page turner crime story.


              • Yes, I’m sorry about that, Anneli. Ever since I changed to the Block Editor I’ve been having problems. Maybe it’s just because I’m still not familiar with it. I hope so.
                Anyway, your review was truly a gift and I thank you again for having posted it. Your kind words are very much appreciated. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend. ❤

                Liked by 1 person

                • I know exactly what you’re going through. So many of us long-time WP bloggers are struggling with the new editor. I join with the majority who are trying their best to understand it and get it to work, but who hate it and wonder why this is being inflicted on us. Why won’t the “WP powers-that-be” listen to their clients? So many are threatening to leave and then they don’t because they have been happy with the contacts they have made so far and hate to give that up. But they are still unhappy!
                  But this frustration aside, I hope you also have a happy Thanksgiving weekend.

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  8. You’re in your “La Perla” persona, exactly the performances we laughed so hard with tears running down our cheeks, and sore stomach muscles at many beach campfires. Clever, intuitively humorous with laughter the main goal! Well Done!!!

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  9. An impressive egg and similar puns.

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