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Pine Siskins and Friends


I don’t know why the pine siskins all got thirsty at once, but they seemed happy, to judge by their twittering, to find this makeshift birdbath. Siskins are tiny birds of the finch family. These days they are swarming around in large flocks, feeding as much as possible, probably building up their strength for flying farther south for the winter.

Several of them are hiding in the overgrown, neglected garden. I think I see six of them hiding.

An Oregon Junco decided that he needed a bath. Being a bit bigger (not much) he took over the whole bath. One brave siskin was left at the edge, wondering if he could get a sip.

He decided to go for it and managed to get a good slurp of water.

But that sneaky junco flexed his muscles to show who was boss. Siskin didn’t like it. Hear him shrieking, “HEY! You’re splashing me!”

“Oh you think that was a splash? Just watch this,” the junco says.

If you click on the video, you can see how brazen the junco is about having his bath. The siskin reacts just the way I would, backing up from being splashed.

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33 thoughts on “Pine Siskins and Friends

  1. What a lovely flock of little visitors, including the junco. I love watching birds, so thanks for including the video. 🙂

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  2. Those little siskins remind me of our sparrows, so cute and daring!

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  3. I miss seeing Dark-eyed Juncos showing up in the fall in Missouri. Now that we live in Florida I haven’t seen one. Pretty sure they don’t migrate this far south. Never know what you will see at the bird bath. Pine Siskins sipping is a sweet picture.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is a busy place. I love this lovely video clip a lot!

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  5. I just love your photography!


  6. The Siskin is so cute! And bold too, so sweet! 🥰


  7. Wow – birds meeting ‘at the watering trough’ really great shot!

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  8. Nice set of photos. The junco is a bit of a bully though.

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  9. Great shots, Anneli: well done!

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  10. Very cute, Anneli. Wonderful photos!

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  11. This was a great post, Anneli. I loved seeing all the pine siskins. Sometimes they come through our backyard, but only once every few years. They’re so little they make a junco look big. I love that photo of them all lined around the bird bath. I enjoyed the video too, with that cheeky junco getting a good bath in, and the pine siskins sneaking sips.

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  12. Appreciate that you take a “moment” to watch the birds enjoying your birdbath. The “moments” build into beautiful memories that we delight in. Thank YOU for the entertainment and giving us a moment to pause.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nice to see you here, Marsha. I love seeing the birds. The only not-so-good thing is that I worry about them hitting the windows when there are so many birds flying around like crazy in their fall staging exercises.


  13. How cute! Not easy trying to have an orderly drink when something much bigger than you jumps in and splashes like a kid.

    Liked by 1 person

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