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A Change in Menu


Anneli said she’s sorry, she ran out of sunflower seeds and she hasn’t been back to the Bulk Barn to buy more yet. Would I like to try some of the walnuts she has been drying?

They are wonderful! She has a whole tree of them in the backyard, but the shells are pretty hard to crack. I would have harvested them myself, but the husk around the nuts tastes bitter.

That and the fact that the backyard supervisors are always patrolling out there have kept me away.

There’s only the little black one now, but she’s dangerous. She leaps up four or five feet if she’s after something, so I’m careful around her.

And anyway, since Anneli has cracked these walnuts for me, I don’t have to hurt my teeth trying to open the shell. She takes good care of me so I don’t have to risk my life around that crazy killer dog.

Oh, ye heavenly squirrels on high! This is delightful!

I could even use this shell as a sippy cup. Slurp, slurp!

I wondered where my breakfast was,

The seeds were not in sight.

I nearly died of shock because

The change gave me a fright.

Instead of tiny sunflower seeds,

Just walnuts could be found,

The food that would fulfill my needs,

In shells so rough and round.

I checked them out and noticed then

The nuts were cracked in chunks,

It looked like I could eat again

The meat lay there in hunks.

How sweet of her to crack these shells,

To spare my tiny teeth,

Inside the nuts were little wells,

With nutmeat underneath.

I nibbled it and pulled it out

The flavour was the best,

No need to cry or mope about,

A change is good as a rest.


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36 thoughts on “A Change in Menu

  1. This is so sweet, Anneli! I love how you cracked the walnuts open for Lincoln. I suppose you can gather a tote full of them, smash them up and put them out daily. πŸ₯°πŸ˜Š

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    • I’ve been picking up walnuts as they’ve been falling over the past couple of weeks, and I lay them out on racks to dry in the family room where we have a woodstove for those cool evenings. I take four walnuts at a time and crack them into accessible pieces and put them in a shallow jar (half pint canning jar) so Lincoln can get them and they don’t get lost, falling between the pieces of firewood. I have seen him take them out and stash them someplace else for later. Smart guy.

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  2. Lucky Lincoln! He has hit the jackpot living at your place. I was digging and weeding in the garden the other day and found two walnuts with the outer “jacket” removed. They were buried in just a half inch or so under the surface. I have no doubt it was the multiple squirrels roaming around our neighbourhood. Love your photos of Lincoln, especially the one with the sippy cup. So cute.

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  3. What a lovely post! πŸ™‚ And so sweet that he’s enjoying the yummy cracked walnuts. I love getting Lincoln updates. He’s looking happy and healthy. πŸ™‚

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  4. Lincoln is a very lucky guy! It is so thoughtful of you to crack the walnuts a bit for him. Those pictures are fantastic!!!! What a sweet post, love it!

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  5. Another wonderful picture story, Anneli! πŸ™‚

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  6. I love the squirrels. My Dad fed them all in his yard and them all named. Brought a smile to my face today. Thank you!

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  7. Lincoln is going to want to stay in your guest room soon! He’s a spoiled little fella.πŸ˜‰

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  8. Winter coming, they’re going to rely on you more than ever. I’ve included some virtual sunflower seeds with this post. Use them as you please–I have lots more!

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    • Thanks a lot. That should “virtually” feed them. I went out in the horrible wind and rain this morning to put some seeds in the squirrel jar. I had been saving a few sunflower seeds for a day when I was too lazy to crack walnuts and today was the day. I might give Lincoln some walnuts later in the afternoon as well (if I don’t blow away by then). Summer is definitely over and fall is winding down in a wintery way.

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  9. Squirrels and walnuts – a happy friendship, or at least the squirrel thinks so! They take most of the nuts from the walnut tree in my parents’ garden.

    Very cute photos.

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    • I think the reason Lincoln doesn’t take the walnuts from our tree is because he’s so busy cleaning off the two filbert trees in the front yard, and because the dogs are usually in the backyard where the walnut is. Interesting to hear that your squirrels help themselves to walnuts – so they aren’t intimidated by the thick shells.


  10. That first shot is terrific. Lucky Lincoln!

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  11. Love the Lincoln post, which must be a good thing for you after Ruby’s passing.

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