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Relationship Security


This memoir by Kathleen Price will pull at your heartstrings and enlighten you at the same time.

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Have you ever had someone say to you, “Why are you like that?” Or maybe you’ve asked yourself that question about others. There are reasons for our behaviour. Some of them we don’t understand; some we are not even aware of, and never will be.

In her book, Relationship Security, author Kathleen Price shows us that, along with some other factors, our experiences, even those we have as young children, shape us into the adults we become. They influence our responses to nearly every situation we deal with as we go through life.

Most of us seek a loving, caring relationship in which there is mutual trust. As young adults, we are optimistic about finding the right person who will fulfill that expectation. If we haven’t witnessed an example of a secure bond in our parents’ relationship, marriage may bring disillusionment when we perpetually need to protect ourselves because…

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6 thoughts on “Relationship Security

  1. I really liked your book review, Anneli, for its thorough description of the book’s structure and contents. It sounds like Kathleen Price has a lot to share with folks about how to find peace and deep passion in their relationships, and a good book for many to benefit from.

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  2. I see I need to come more to this blog to see more of this great posts 🙂

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  3. I enjoyed your review and thoughts on this book, Anneli.

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