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Apples – A to Z


Apple time is nearly over and each type of apple has its season. Our transparent apples, tart cooking apples, are the first to ripen, followed by the Gravenstein, a delicious eating apple. Then comes the MacIntosh, thinner skinned, but also a good eating apple, and finally the best winter apple I’ve ever tasted, the Wilmuta.

The apple trees were loaded this year, probably to make up for last year’s almost non-existent crop.

I’m guilty of not pruning the trees well (or at all) last winter and the trees were so weighed down with apples that a major branch threatened to break. I stuck a piece of wood under it to prop it up. I promise to prune the trees for next year.

I had never heard of Wilmuta until I bought this one, almost 30 years ago. My favourite apple is probably the Gravenstein, but Jonagold comes a close second. Wilmuta is a cross between these two varieties. The goal of apple biologists was to produce a large apple like Jonagold, but with the rosy colour of a Gravenstein. The result was a huge mouth-watering late season apple that is as sweet as it is hardy, well into late October.

October is nearly over and these apples are still on the tree, but I think it’s time to bring them in out of the cold soon. They are really good keepers, except for getting eaten eagerly once they are ripe.

If I were to buy another apple tree, Wilmuta would be my first choice.


Apples keep the doctor away. Sorry, Doc.

Baking with apples

Crunchy fruit

Delicious, dripping sweetness

Eve tempts Adam




I love apples

Juicy Jonagold





Over the top


Quantities – never enough


Sweet apple sauce

Tart transparents

Unbelievably good

Varieties abound

Wonderful Wilmuta

X-tra good

Yes, they’re the best

Zero calories … almost.

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37 thoughts on “Apples – A to Z

  1. Your apples look so good (and fresh!). 🙂 I haven’t heard of Wilmuta apples before. Looking forward to trying one some time.

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  2. Aren’t you clever with your A-Z list. Nothing like a beautiful sweet crisp apple from your own tree. Now get out there and start pruning!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will have to do it this winter, for sure. A friend pointed out that by having so many small twigs for fruit to grow on, I get a lot of apples but not as big or healthy as they might have been if there were fewer and the skinny branches wouldn’t be as overburdened by the weight. I lost a couple of big branches this year. Just negligence and ignorance. Live and learn!


  3. Beautiful apples! By looking at the picture I was tempted to grab a bunch of them. I still don´t know how to prune my roses, never mind pruning fruit trees. I like your A – Z list!

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  4. There’s nothing better than a crisp and sweet apple. Nice A-Z, Anneli!

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  5. I am going to have to pay much more attention to the apples at our grocery store and the local farmers markets! Fun A to Z!

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  6. They look wonderful and a snack right off the tree 😊

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  8. Lovely Ode to Apples. But what can you do with so many apples? A person can only eat so many pies.

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  9. I like apples, but don’t love them…However, your post and photos had my mouth watering for a crunchy red globe of an apple – freshly picked off one of your trees, of course!

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  10. Oh my gosh that’s quite a selection of apples you have there they look so delicious too…

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  11. How lovely! I’m not familiar with those varieties. Bramley apples are common around here, as are wild crab-apples, which the deer like to munch.

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  12. My mouth is watering, Anneli. I loved this discussion of the apples and the expertise you have honed over the decades. I love apples. There are many Gravenstein orchards in our county in No. Calif. I think it’s wonderful that you have trees and the photos reflect really healthy-looking fruit. My favorite is the Painted Lady which, I just looked up, is a cross of Golden Delicious and Lady Williams…come from Washington State. I have never heard of Wilmuta but I have no doubt it’s excellent. Delightful post.

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  13. We planted trees a few years ago, and the deer have been relentless. Sigh. I’m so jealous of your bounty. A fun poem, Anneli. Happy Harvesting!

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  14. The many different kids of apples is staggering. I love Braeburn. Super A-Z.

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  15. Love me some apples during the fall! 🙂

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