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Composition isn’t Everything …


but it sure helps.

After the snow that, thankfully, stayed up in the hills, I wanted to take a picture of it. As always in photos taken from my house, the power lines ruin the composition for me.

I got thinking about the composition of photos and when I received this photo of my nephew, I had a chuckle over the post that seems to be growing out of his head.

Going way, way back to about 1975, I found this photo of when the Captain and I lived on the Queen Charlotte Islands. My parents came from Vancouver Island to visit us. At the beach,  my mother and I decided to take pictures of each other for posterity. It was one of those rare times when it wasn’t raining and the sand was relatively dry, so she sat on the sand and pointed her Brownie camera at me, and I lay on a log, posing as I prepared to take a picture of her. We laughed when we realized that with the cameras in front of our faces we wouldn’t get much of a picture so we had to take turns. In the photo you see I’ve lowered my camera while she took my picture, and then it was my turn to take hers. We had the giggles and I think that’s why she couldn’t hold the camera steady and ended up taking a picture of her own boots. (For the purposes of this blog post, I’ve taken out my face, but I was grinning a lot in the picture.)

Later she sent me the photo and I laughed all over again. Not the greatest composition, but it was unique.

My mother died in 1982, and this bad photo of her gumboots is one of my special treasures because of the happy memories it evokes.

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29 thoughts on “Composition isn’t Everything …

  1. I like the photo, Anneli! God bless your family. ❤️🇨🇦

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  2. Power lines and street signs can be such a pain! Sometimes I’ll take a second photo from a slightly different perspective to make it easier to clone them out 😉 My late Mum took lots (literally thousands) of family photos, at the time it was sometimes annoying but each one of them now is a treasured memory trigger for my sister and I. I love your Mum’s photo and I think her boots add to the photo and story.

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  3. One beautiful photo and several darling ones that will never be forgotten.

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  4. I use “Inpaint” to remove power lines or other unwanted items from my photos and it usually works very well.

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  5. Wonderful photos, Anneli and great memories. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. This is a great photo – how lovely. And your reference to the Brownie camera – my mom had one of those as well (she also passed in 1982).

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  7. Aw, you should have left your laughing face in the photo! What a perfect day on the beach for you two. The mountains look gorgeous in the first photo you’ve posted…even with the power lines.

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  8. I love this picture with the big boots on your mothers feet. Too bad you took your head out, it´s just missing!

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  9. I have a ton of pictures with my finger in the corner. Lol. I love looking at photos, but the really good ones are rare. And sweet that you kept the gumboot photo. 😀

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  10. “Finger over the lens” is a specialty of mine! This post reminds me that I have boxes of photos to sort and share with my sons and other family members. I have started in the past and don’t get very far because I stop and think about the memories associated with each photo.
    Your post about your mom and the day at the beach is lovely. ♥️

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