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Schtormy Vedder


When you’re heading for a social situation and you’re worried about what to say, I’m sure you’ve heard the advice, “Don’t worry. You can always talk about the weather.”

That comment assumes that weather is a trivial thing, but on the contrary, it’s a major factor in how we spend our time. We adjust our plans and activities, according to the weather.

Changes in the weather can be dramatic and at times dangerous.

Two days ago our usual wind and rain turned into slushy snow driven by gale-force winds. As the freezing sleet pelted down, coating everything with wet snow, flashes of lightning lit up the skies, followed by the longest, loudest rumbles of rolling thunder I have ever heard. Emma barked to let me know they made her nervous.

That evening’s thunder snow changed to the same old, same old weather the next day. Here is a picture of the same old wind and rain, taken by a friend on his phone.

Well … okay, maybe it was a little bit windier than usual.

I hope those storm watchers who parked in the usual parking area won’t stay too long. That salt water is deadly on all the metal parts of their vehicles. Salt spray and flying sand are about the worst things to shower onto your car.

My friend who took the photo also took some videos. Here are some short clips (a few seconds each) to give you the feeling that you are actually there, getting soaked as he did.

May the sun come out soon and warm us.

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41 thoughts on “Schtormy Vedder

  1. Gigantisch, aber auch ein schönes Bild.

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  2. Wow, that’s a stormy ocean! That saltwater on the cars is awful, yikes! I didn’t know you speak other languages.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Other languages: I was six when we came to Canada from Germany. High school French (which isn’t much use to me without a lot more practice), and passable, struggling Spanish from a course I took, plus many trips to Baja and Mexico. English is my favourite though. About the ocean, you may not realize that this is on the east (sheltered) side of Vancouver Island. The west coast is WAY more open and exposed to the weather.


  3. The stormy ocean is so beautifully captured in the picture and video…hope you see sunshine 🌞 soon 😊

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  4. Looks like a good day to stay indoors and enjoy the warmth of a thrilling book.

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  5. Your shots NEVER disappoint.

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  6. Wow! And here I was complaining about the 34 degrees this morning.

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  7. Wild but beautiful! I love the videos, but good to go home and have some hot chocolate with Bailey’s. 🙂

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  8. Looking at the video clips made me shiver. In this weather it´s best to go back to bed and read a book.

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  9. That is wild, Anneli. I’ve never heard of thunder snow but love the term.

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  10. Wonderful viewed at a safe distance 😏. Wild weather!

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  11. We’ve had horrible winds here, too, but no snow. The wind carried away all the lustrous colors. It’s actually been unusually warm.

    Brrrr, that looks blustery and cold by you.

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    • It’s especially cold when the wind comes from the N or NW, right down from Alaska. Usually we have SE winds that bring only rain, and that’s cold enough, but when it switches, it can be brutal. Like you, we have very little colour left on the trees.

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  12. Whew, that’s a raucous storm, Anneli. There’s something exciting when a storm like that comes in, so much swirling energy and powerful forces. But that excitement lasts only a few minutes for me, and then yikes, time to take cover. It’s worrying and dangerous. Your friend’s videos, espec. that second one with the churning waves, really drove home the picture. Good luck and stay warm.

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    • It was really wild. Things were blowing around all over the yard, but when I saw pictures later of places where trees fell on homes and across the road, leaving live wires dangling, I realized I was lucky to only have the power out for three hours.

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  13. Wow, amazing capture of weather we don’t see here. So powerful. Yes, weather is so important. When it’s super hot here it’s just the PITS.

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  14. Vyeld Vedder, Anneli. Wow. I love storms, but only the ones that don’t do any damage. 🙂

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  15. Fantastic photos of the ocean spray showering the vehicles. We often take for granted just how powerful Mother Nature can be! Stay cozy!

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