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House Finch


This little guy was waiting for his turn to have a bite of lunch at the birdfeeder. In the photo I managed to get, I saw that his eye looks good.

I hadn’t known about the eye disease that went through the finch population in the last thirty years or so, but after reading about it, I made sure to take care of my feeders, keeping them clean and raking up the ground under the feeders where mould might collect around dropped seeds and bird poop.

The bacteria that affect the finches appear to have originated in chicken feed. Possibly some finches helped themselves to it and then got sick, spreading the disease to each other.

Scientists found that when the population of finches went down, the disease seemed to spread less easily, and future populations were less affected. Social distancing? However, the problem has not been solved completely, and it was noted that even as surviving birds recovered, the bacteria mutated and got more virulent. The bacteria causing eye disease are still out there, stronger than before, so we have to be aware and clean those feeders.

By the way, does this house finch look like he has only one leg? He must have two, but where is the second one? Maybe he’s got it pulled in close to his body to warm his toes. It’s been cold out there.

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33 thoughts on “House Finch

  1. Good picture of this pretty little finch.

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  2. We always have a lot of house finches nesting on our property. I enjoy watching them. I think that little guy might only have one leg!

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  3. Super shot👍👍👍

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  4. He’s a beauty! ❤️

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  5. Free food is a lot more complicated than it sounds. Glad you found out about the eye disease.

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  6. Nice to see this beautiful and healthy house finch, Anneli. And it’s wonderful that you’re paying attention and keeping the area clean. I saw one infected finch once at our feeders; fortunately I never saw it again.

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  7. He looks like a healthy little guy. It sounds like your feeder is tip top!

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  8. I’m happy the little one is okay. I love the little finches (I love birds, period.). Fluttering and chatting, they are so pretty. I didn’t know about the eye disease. When I have feeders again, I’ll be sure to read up about that and take precautions.

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    • I didn’t know about the eye disease either until today. I was looking for anything special about finches that I could mention on my post and the first thing I came to was this info on the eye disease. Didn’t make me happy! But I’m glad I know now.

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  9. Anneli, you are so generous with your care and kindness towards the animals that inhabit your environment. Beautiful photo. Yes, he does look like he has only one foot. Hopefully, he’s tucked the other to keep warm. ❤

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    • It’s easy to be good to the animals. I love to see them and I want them to have an easier time in the harshest weather. And I do hope the finch is just keeping his other foot warm. Thanks for your visits and kind comments, Carol.

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  10. I love finches. I hadn’t heard about the eye disease. So sad. Weird though about the one leg in the shot. Hmm.

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  11. I didn’t know about the eye disease that’s been impacting finches. These viruses are awful… another man-made one, it seems. And it does look like he has one leg. Maybe. It doesn’t seem to be a problem. 🙂 Thank you for caring for these little birds.

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  12. Hi Anneli,
    this is a nice Foto, my husband ist watching the birds all the time, it is his hobby. He travelled already in many countries to watch birds. We live in Germany.
    You have a nice blog. My name is Erika but here on Blogs I am Hase (Rabbit). I sometimes write on Buchstabenwiese Martina´s Blog. So I met you there.
    Have a nice time

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    • Hi Erika! How nice to see you here. I don’t know what happened but I stopped getting Martina’s blog posts for a while. I don’t know if she stopped blogging and then started up again but I just looked for it now and couldn’t find where to click to follow her again. I must keep trying and maybe I’ll find it one of these times. My husband (the Captain) and I love birds too. The many kinds of birds and their habits keep us entertained. I’m really pleased that you commented on my post and that you told me of the connection. I hope to see you here again. Do you also have a blog?

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      • Hi Annelie, thank you for your answer, I don´t have a own Blog, but I read many years before.
        #I don´t know, how Martina is at this time. She doesn´t write. Sometimes she doesn´t feel very well. I don´t have her e-mail adress. We send good thoughts to her…
        You make very nice pictures of birds. I watch also in our Garden. In this morning I was singing with the “Amsel”, the black bird. I sing also in a choir.
        Have a nice day, today it´s sunny, the last days we had much rain.

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        • I remember that M mentioned sometimes that she gets depressed. So sad, because she has so much talent. I hope she’s doing okay. Have you thought about starting a WordPress blog? It’s free unless you want to pay to have more storage space. Why not check it out. You could post pictures and stories of your birds and garden? Some people do their blogs in both languages so they can reach everyone. Think about it. It’s fun.


  13. Such a beautiful bird, and people really do need to keep their feeders clean. Our wildlife is precious.

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