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Love, Love, Love


I wish I knew how to make the mouth move and dub in the words, but this is Ellie, my sister-in-law’s dog, wishing everyone a very happy Valentine’s Day. Be good to each other.

I’ve been asked what breed Ellie is, so I’ve added this bit. She’s a Coton de Tulare.  Related to Bichon. 

A word of kindness never hurt,
It costs us naught to say it,
So why not give it generously,
It's easy, don't delay it.

We never know what kind of day,
And worries others have,
A loving word, a smiling face,
Could be a healing salve.

Don't do it 'cause it's Valentine's,
We need to supersede it,
To make the world a better place,
God only knows we need it.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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31 thoughts on “Love, Love, Love

  1. Ellie is so adorable. 🥰

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  2. Ellie (Eleanor Rigby) is thrilled to be part of your Valentine’s Day blog. She has been swamped with sending meaningful kisses and cards to all of her boypals in our neighborhood. Several galpals too. Such a diva!!

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  3. Oh my…Ellie is so sweet! That face! May I ask the breed?

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  4. Words of kindness reverberate. There is so much negativity on social media in particular. Nice to see your post.

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    • Thanks, Evelyn. That’s exactly how I feel. Way too much ugliness and hate, just because we have different political ideas. Why can’t we express those without getting so ugly about it? We need to have more Valentine’s Days in the year. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Evelyn.


  5. Look at that face! Aw…

    I do know how to make the mouth move. Use an app called ChatterPix https://apps.apple.com/us/app/chatterpix/id734038526

    I know–you probably didn’t expect anyone to answer. Sigh. I’m that annoying person.

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  6. What a sweet dog. Happy Valentine’s Day, Anneli. ❤

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  7. And I think she has a nice disposition too.


  8. A beautiful poem, Anneli. I love your words. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  9. Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕 😘 ❣️ 😍 ❤️ 🥰 💘

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  10. This is a very sweet little dog and so is your poem. Happy Valentine´s Day to all of you!

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  11. Excellent message and sweet little dog!

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  12. That is just too much cuteness. Adorable!!!

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  13. Happy Valentines Day Ellie! Now I want a puppy…

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