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Getting Rid of the Evidence


Orson, the Oregon junco, has found a sunny spot to rest.

“Ooooh! This is so toasty on my body. The sun has warmed the railing. It feels glorious after so much cold wind.”

“Ahh … this is SO nice! I’ll get some of that warmth on my throat too. Oh, my goodness, that is so wonderful.”

“Oops! Excuse me. Nature calls. I’m trying to be modest, turning my back, but why do I have the feeling I’m on Candid Camera?”

“Hmm … the evidence … it’s still there. What to do? What to do? Oh, no! I’m such a birdbrain.”

“I just can’t have anyone pointing an accusing feather, saying it was me. They’ll probably put it on Twitter.Β  Still, I needn’t worry. If they put anything on Twitter, the birds would be canceled for expressing an unpopular opinion. Meanwhile, only one thing to do and that’s flee the scene of the crime.”

The evidence was left behind, but before a half hour passed by, the heavens opened up and the whole deck was full of evidence. Well … it looked like more evidence.

Loads of evidence covered the railing as a freak hailstorm blew in and then out again as quickly as it had come. Orson was spared many accusations, and he felt a lot lighter.


Author: wordsfromanneli

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42 thoughts on “Getting Rid of the Evidence

  1. I appreciate how you weave humor with nature’s captivating spirit. We experience evidence left by geese, but the spring rain proves to be an efficient evidence remover.

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    • Thank goodness for the rain that washes away all the goose poop. There is a lot of it on the beaches around here. A high tide helps too, in our case, but I often hear complaints in the summertime from people who would like to swim in the lakes and it has a high goose droppings content.


  2. I hate birds but this put a huge smile on my face πŸ˜”πŸ˜‚

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  3. Orson is a cutie! That hail looks smashing, right? Yikes.

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  4. Isn’t Orson a total sweetie? Great post Anneli, thanks for the humour. πŸ™‚

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  5. Cute little bird. I hope it took cover. Strange weather patterns here too. From winter like to warm and back again.

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  6. LOL! I read what Maryam wrote above. How can anyone hate birds?!

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  7. Love this chunky little nugget! What? A commenter hates birds…why? Maybe a bad childhood experience or something.

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  8. This was so very amusing, Anneli. πŸ™‚ Orson has some great lines!

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  9. What a fun post. I’m going to get to know all of your feathered and furred neighbors.

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  10. I love your picture stories, Anneli!

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  11. You’re at your finest today Anneli! Thank YOU for the entertainment.

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  12. I know someone who hates birds too. He doesnΒ΄t even eat chicken- or other birds. Your post is very charming and fun, you made my morning!

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  13. That looks like a nasty hail storm. We’ve got wind, wind, and more wind today, but the sun is shining and it’s bordering on warm out there. Btw, don’t worry, Twitter won’t ban Orson. Social media accepts s*&t. πŸ˜‰

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  14. Thank goodness the hailstorm destroyed the evidence!

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  15. 😲 wow

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