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Quentin’s Quest (Continued)


If you remember Quentin the quail was here on our front steps on April 11, 2021. He was lonely then, and I’m sorry to say he’s still lonely today.

He wonders if his Queenie is hiding around the corner post.

“Nope! Not there.”

“Did you see her anywhere around here? Or any other quail? I haven’t had a friend for two years! It’s almost more than I can take.”

I called and called at dawn today

In case a quail were near,

Twas quiet here at five o’clock,

You’d think someone would hear.



I hopped onto the concrete steps,

So I could better see,

But nowhere was a quail-like bird,

To be a friend to me.



I even peered around the post,

To catch a glimpse of her,

But all in vain, she was not there,

Yet naught will me deter.



I rushed up to the front door glass,

I saw her there before,

She stood there looking back at me,

From just inside the door.



The glass is messier today,

Back then it was so clean,

Perhaps  what I saw in the glass,

Was me!  Could it have been?



If that’s the case, then I will stay,

Without a girl  that’s mine.

And yet I cannot help myself,

My soul will always pine.



I guess I’ll be a bachelor,

And spend each day alone,

I’ll hang out on the porch right here,

And make this my new home.


Author: wordsfromanneli

Writing, travel, photography, nature, more writing....

16 thoughts on “Quentin’s Quest (Continued)

  1. Quentin is well fed, so handsome. 😊 I know how he feels…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Quentin is quite a handsome fellow. There must be a lovely quail somewhere nearby. We normally get quite a few around here, but the last two years or so it seems the numbers have dwindled.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The ones right around us have died out. Too may people have moved into rural areas. High density subdivisions have been built. Dogs off leash, stray cats, people, people, people marching through what used to be natural habitat. Noisy people with no idea of the harm they are doing. This is the last of the quail here, but a friend says there are some in another area a couple of kms away. I don’t think Quentin will find them. He’s been alone for two years. I wonder if he will make it through yet another winter alone.


  3. He is a very handsome quail. Perhaps there’s still hope 😏. I’d love to see one.

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  4. Anneli, you need to step in and be his bestie. I can’t think of another solution.

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  5. Quentin is such a good loking bird! I hope he can find a girl pretty soon, poor Quentin.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. So sad to lose too many quails. He looks so beautiful though. Hoping we can save our wildlife.


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