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Last Show


The maple tree overhanging the driveway is almost finished changing colour. Soon it will shed its colourful dress and stand there shivering in bare limbs. The tiny dogwood in the foreground is also getting ready to drop its leaves. One last show of colour and it too will be done.

Here is the maple closer up. A few leaves still have a bit of green but most have turned a golden yellow or orange.

The laceleaf Japanese maple is one of the first to turn reddish-orange. It is normally green, unlike some Japanese maples that are a purple colour for all of its growing season.

This black walnut is an ornamental tree (meaning that the walnuts are not meant to be eaten, like the regular walnuts we know). But the squirrels like them.

These walnuts have a thick green outer shell that peels away, revealing what looks like a regular walnut. The shell, however, is so thick that it takes a sledge hammer to crack it. And yet, that is exactly what I do for the squirrels. They don’t seem to mind the bitter taste of the meaty inside parts.

The video below shows this ornamental black walnut tree losing its leaves to the cool breezes that gust up now and then. The main whoosh of leaves is well into the video, so if you can spare 30 seconds of your life to watch, you’ll see this tree giving it up for another season.


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49 thoughts on “Last Show

  1. Gorgeous photos of your trees in their last glory before their winter nap. I enjoyed the little video. Cheers, Lynette

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  2. Oh, what beautiful fall colors and the squirrels will surely be grateful to you for helping them crack the nuts.

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  3. A unique color alloy. Spring, maple trees, walnuts and squirrels.

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  4. Gorgeous photos, Anneli. We are still waiting for some color. Our temperatures have been unseasonably warm and it’s been very dry. I’m afraid the trees will lose their leaves before they have a chance to show any color. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

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  5. The black walnut is a beautiful tree. All the trees are putting on a nice show, too bad it’s ending soon.

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  6. Your trees are beautiful, the video is so peaceful! Your home is beautiful, Anneli!

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    • We do have a lot of trees on our property, but they can get messy this time of year. Still, the birds love it here better than trying to live on plain grass. They have shelter, nesting areas, and food in some cases. Trees and shrubs are a good thing to have if you like birds.


  7. Gorgeous autumn colours, Anneli. We’ll be visiting the Lost Maples State Natural Area next week, but very likely the leaves there won’t be that colourful yet. It hasn’t been cold enought hereabouts. Lets hope there will be a little colour at least. But we will be going back later, hoping to see real fall colours the.
    Have a great weekend,

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  8. Gorgeous photos, Anneli and the video is a great example of letting go.

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  9. What a lovely place you live in, Anneli!

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  10. Lovely autumn colours! Perhaps the squirrels 🐿 are so sweet, they don’t notice the bitterness!

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  11. Oh Anneli! Such beautiful photos of the trees and their leaves, and the video was so peaceful.

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  12. I just got up and watched the video, so peaceful and quiet. It looks similar here colourwise, Your yard looks more like a park, such a beautiful place you have!

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  13. Wonderfull trees and all like as a fantastic movie.
    Have a good day
    Nice to know you

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  14. Very nice. Our trees just sort of turned brown for the most part but I’ve noticed here at the end there are a few pretty ones.

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  15. why would anybody NOT spare those precious 30″ of their life for such a beautiful display…. it sure sounds like a a river flowing through your property too – is that so or is it all ‘only’ the wind?

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    • What you hear on the video is the wind on the camera microphone, but it is also raining and there is the sound of water dripping from the hazelnut trees I’m standing near. Thanks for taking the time, Kiki. Have a great rest of the week.

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  16. Beautiful and colorful autumn leaves..ours getting blown away soon

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  17. Autumn is nature’s graduation ceremony. All those colours, fruits and nuts…and then the long sleep. November is often grey and rainy here (okay, not as rainy as Vancouver Island!) and it’s definitely got the air already, although there are still some green leaves on the trees.

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  18. I enjoyed your inspiring photos of some brilliant autumn colors. I can still remember the giant maple which shaded my grandparents’ backyard. In central Ohio, I frequently see black walnut trees.

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    • To be honest, I didn’t realize it was a black walnut (ornamental) when I planted it. Had to go buy another kind of walnut tree afterwards for eating. But the black walnut is a pretty tree all year until the leaves are gone so I’ve learned to like it.

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  19. What soothing autumn colours! And your video of the yellow leaves falling was very relaxing to watch.

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