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Hiding the Children



I know she’s got that nest someplace nearby. I’ll just watch where she goes and then I can get some scrambled eggs for breakfast.


“You murdering so-and-so. You keep away from my children.”

Well, I’ve hidden the nest really well, so they should be okay. No one knows where it is.

I know where it is. But don’t worry I won’t tell. I can see it from here. See? Right over there by the house.

It’s right in that thick yew tree.

I even peeked inside and saw the four little kiddies-to-be.

Be careful, robin, hide your nest,

The scavengers like eggs the best,

Don’t show them where your darlings lie,

Or kidnappers will make them cry.


They’ll snag them and they’ll fly away,

And you with anguish and dismay,

Will shriek and call and cry out loud,

As robbers take them to a cloud.


So take good care and be alert,

And you will tragedy avert.

You know the crow has got a hitlist,

It’s survival of the fittest.

Author: wordsfromanneli

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24 thoughts on “Hiding the Children

  1. This is a beautiful nest! I hope no one, except for the mother and you can find the nest. Good luck to the robin and her babies! Very nice poem Anneli.

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  2. That nest and the four eggs are darling. I hope that you soon have little chirpings coming from there.

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  3. Another excellent photo story, Anneli! The crow would love to eat the eggs. I like its picture on the driftwood and mama robin in the second photo.


  4. The eggs are a nice color, cute nest!

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  5. I hope the babies will be safe. Poor little things. Maybe a scarecrow should be on guard 24/7!!

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  6. Those eggs are a perfect blue! I hope they make it. Nice Robin photo too.

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  7. Those gorgeous eggs! I was just thinking earlier today about my earliest outdoor bird memory being a blue robin’s egg on the sidewalk when I was five. Please tell me crows don’t eat robin eggs!

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  8. Fun and catchy poem, Anneli, you got me chuckling. And oh how utterly beautiful those pristine robin eggs are. I hope each one hatches. Delightful post, my friend.

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  9. Well said! Mama robin, you are welcome here. Crows, you are not.


  10. I love your wonderful photo stories, Anneli. The bird’s nest is so lovingly and artistically built and the four eggs are a little miracle. We have hung four nesting boxes in our garden. I am sure that two of them will be inhabited again this year. I hope we have little tweets from there soon. Thank you for your heartwarming story, Anneli.
    Anneli, have a wonderful weekend creating and enjoying life! 😊🌷🌷


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