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Puppy Love

Our friends have a new young dog. Although the breed originated in the US, it’s called an Australian Shepherd, so they named her Aussie. This puppy gets a lot of love, but she also gives it. When Aussie hears “I love you,” she says it right back. With our friends’ permission, I can show you a glimpse into the “I love you” conversation.

Here is our friend Glenda with Aussie on the beach.

It’s not always easy to get children to say their lines when you want them to, but Aussie finally does come up with her responses to the “I love you” prompt. Watch the short video clip below.

“I love you, Aussie, you’re so sweet,”

Her darling dog just waves her feet

Up in the air while on her back

As Glenda kisses with a smack.

“I love you Aussie,” that’s the phrase

The puppy loves to hear, this praise.

When Glenda’s words are whispered near,

Her Aussie says, “I love you, dear.”

Of course it’s done in doggie talk,

But she loves Glenda, she’s her rock.