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Three Skies, One Moment

The last of the evening sun’s rays add a sweet pink tinge to the rare scattering of clouds in the eastern  sky. I’ve been watching for clouds, desperately hoping for a few drops of rain to end weeks of sweltering heat and parching drought.

I turn to the southwest. The glow of sunset touches clumps of cloud and wisps of smoke that have drifted into the valley from faraway wildfires.

I turn a few more degrees to the west and I’m left wondering if this is a sunset or another of those raging wildfires I’ve seen too much of on the television news. But yes, it is the sunset, searing us for a few more moments before allowing us to recover from yet another day of being barbecued.

We’ve been promised rain for today, but somehow, I don’t think it’s going to happen. The clouds that have moved in are way too high and way too thin. Just a hint of hope for relief someday, but probably not today.

Please remind me of this whining post a few months from now when I complain about the relentless wind and rain.

Grocery Shopping the Old-fashioned Way

I can only assume that Greece has modern grocery stores like we do in Canada, but all those many years ago, when we camped in Kardamyli, the grocery shopping was limited. The town was small and so was the selection of groceries. A few stores had some boxes of tired vegetables but a welcome sight was the vegetable truck. Notice the metal tub to put the vegetables in on the old-fashioned weigh scales. The man with the cigarette was the owner. He amazed me with the speed at which he switched the weights around on the scales to find the balance and calculated the price of the vegetables I bought.


Meager pickings though. After a while we craved some good shopping and a little boost to our boring diet. A trip to Kalamata was called for. The famous olive town was only about 31 kilometers from Kardamyli, so off we went with Lazarus the tailor’s family along for the ride. Lazarus, the owner of a handmade clothing shop, had become a good friend to us while we were in Kardamyli that summer. We learned that the Greeks like to do everything together, as a group. They were our tour guides through the markets of Kalamata.

Remember the temperatures were in the 90s Fahrenheit. Fish market first – little or no refrigeration or ice. Quick sales were the order of the day.


Would you prefer pork, hung out in the warm air? Buy it “quick before it melts.”


I’m not a fan of mutton, but they serve a lot of it in Greek restaurants. Here in the market you can buy any part of the animals. There’s no extra charge for the flies. The butcher stood guard over the sheep heads, whacking them every couple of minutes with the broad side of his large knife. A swarm of flies would leave the inside of the head when it was whacked , fly around buzzing, “Who did that?” and then, receiving no answer, follow the leader back inside the sheep head.


But now we come to my favourite section of the market — the vegetables. I wished we had a bigger van so I could buy everything in sight.

img222 img230

I’m not a vegetarian, but it wouldn’t have been difficult to become one. If you ever go to a Greek market, you won’t need a lot of money, but be sure to bring a very large shopping bag.

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